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Subject: Okay, this is getting too weird...
SGTObvious    2/24/2003 11:56:19 AM
Within days, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan lose military transport aircraft. Iran loses elite troops, Pakistan loses its senior air force staff, Afghanistan loses government ministers. Any conspiracy theorists out there want to have a go at this one? Come'on, let's hear'em.
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FourF    RE:Okay, this is getting too weird...   2/24/2003 12:49:32 PM
> Any conspiracy theorists out there want to have > a go at this one? Come'on, let's hear'em. I'd hate to think they're also connected to the Paul Wellstone case. Were there any black helicopters seen in the area at the time? 4F
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Final Historian    RE:Okay, this is getting too weird...   2/25/2003 11:36:09 PM
Perhaps. The fact that the Iranians who bought it were Revolutionary Guards made me suspicious. I mean, the US does have stealth aircraft, said stealth aircraft are difficult to detect, the US is working on energy weapons capable of frying electronics, said weapons could be housed in said fighters, those airplanes need electronics to operate, and at least for the crash in Iran, we had every reason to want them dead. So perhaps we tested a new weapon against those planes, and in testing the weapon neutralized some people we liked better dead than alive.
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Kalashnikov    RE:Okay, this is getting too weird...   4/19/2003 5:40:49 PM
This is a possiblity, although the IRGs killed in Iran were mostly soldiers and nobody of any immense signifigance to Iran's government/military.
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ChrisWI    RE:Okay, this is getting too weird...   4/27/2003 12:20:21 PM
But the Republican Guards are the "elite' of the Iranain military with its own ground, naval and air units. Chris
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Kalashnikov    RE:Okay, this is getting too weird...   4/27/2003 12:51:53 PM
Yes, but still, a few members (even 100) isen't a catastrophe, although the IRGC is an extremely powerful entity (It has the right to oppose any government orders unless given by the Leader of the Revolution and may, if it feels neccesary, overthrow the president using force.)
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