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Subject: KSM now an informant! Yippee!
Elbandeedo    3/3/2003 7:35:17 AM
Chalk up another one for the good guys. khalid shake buttcheese is now in custody, locked up with "bubba" and being trained to bark like a dog - or is that squeal like the pig he is? ATTABOY! - to the CIA/FBI folks who nailed this sorry dirtbag. Thanks guys! E.
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American Kafir    RE:KSM now an informant! Yippee!    3/3/2003 1:58:50 PM
It must really suck to be a member of Al Qaeda right now. If you're not stranded in a foreign country cut off from money and unable to make uncompromised communications to operation managers, you're either dead or in jail. It's hard to run an organization without a hierarchical command structure. It's impossible to give simple footsoldiers wide-ranging contingency plans in the event of interruption of contact with or loss of the central command, for the obvious reason that their capture and subsequent interrogation could lay bare large segments of the entire network. So the higher ups are bigger prizes when we can kill them, or take them alive if necessary. KSM's capture is significant.
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