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Subject: more whimpers from the supporters of terrorism
Elbandeedo    3/5/2003 12:54:30 PM
amnesty international, aka, support mechanism for the left-inclined loser, says we are mistreating the poor widdle baby tewwowists. smackheads. E.
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Topolino    RE:more whimpers from the supporters of terrorism   3/5/2003 2:08:06 PM
I think I feel a little, tiny, microscopic tear welling up...nope, just a cinder blowing up from the WTC site downtown got in my eye. I loved this from the Chicken Noodle Network article: "Government sources said that nothing particularly useful has been gleaned from Mohammed so far but that he has begun to talk. Initially, the suspected terrorist limited his responses to recitations from the Koran, the Islamic holy book, the sources said." I guess he was getting ready for a one way ticket to Allah's front porch. I say if we can't get any useful information from him, turn him over to Israel and see what Shin Bet can find out from him. Oh, and tell him if he doesn't talk, he's going to be shot and buried wrapped in the skin of a pig, kissing it on the lips for eternity.
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American Kafir    RE:more whimpers from the supporters of terrorism   3/5/2003 5:11:27 PM
Let's see. The Terrorists are getting free room and board, meals, free exercise of their malevolent religion, and 24-7 protection by armed Marines in a secluded military base inaccessible to millions of Americans who want to kill them. At least we're not training people to crash planes in to their prison.
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