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Subject: clinton targetted by al crudda?
Elbandeedo    3/13/2003 10:55:06 AM
Apparently while he was still president, he was a target for bin lid and his merry band of loonies. This shows the level of intelligence of our opponents and their depth of knowledge of America. While he may be a complete dirtbag and continues to be a stain on the presidency, he is, relatively speaking, still an American, and he WAS the president. (was - I love the sound of that!). America would have struck back very harshly indeed. Why I'm sure al bore would have launched more like 10 cruise missiles at caves in the afghan mountains in righteous anger... riiiiiiight. E.
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American Kafir    RE:clinton targetted by al crudda?   3/13/2003 5:28:48 PM
Makes you wonder why Clinton kept the White House entrances and Pennsylvania Avenue barricaded all those years.
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