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Subject: Meatbomber alert?
Elbandeedo    3/18/2003 8:44:46 AM
ALL - I really think that the meatbombers are going to be turned loose on us. if there are truly any in this country. Part of me hopes that our culture has shown a few of these fanatics that their way of life, their religion, their means of death are just twisted and wrong. I know that's "pie in the sky" but one can always hope. Or perhaps the FBI et al are doing such a good job of shutting them down that we haven't seen any? Whatever the case, we always have Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson to fall back on! Be ready. Aim true. Let's not let them take our people out without a fight. Keep your eyes open for the "out of the ordinary". If you spot unattended packages, report them IMMEDIATELY to the nearest cop or security officer. Ok a bit of a rant here - speaking of "noticing out of the ordinary" - How did this poor demented bloke in the reflecting pool on a tractor get into the city!?!??!!? Whatch this exercise in logic: You are driving down a road in farm country. you see a tractor pulling a jeep on a trailor. is it normal? Probably. Scenario two - you are driving on Constitution Ave in Washington D.C. and you see a tractor pulling a jeep on a trailor. is it normal? DUH!!!! it's the CITY!!! unless some very lazy apartment dwellers called for help in cultivating their rooftop garden, then the tractor doesn't FIT! (Farm - tractor - ok. City - tractor - bad) Sheesh. Is it that tough??? E.
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