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Subject: Terrorists and the Oslo Accords
Elbandeedo    4/16/2003 9:32:59 AM
I heard on the radio this morning that the palestinkian (lack of)authority want's us to release abu abbas immediately as we are in violation of the Oslo Accords of 1995. (1995 - another billary fiasco!?) According to the talking head, all terrorists are just "forgiven" for anything done prior to the signing of the accord. so technically abbas gets off!?? WRONG!!! Is there any truth to that? or is it more palestinkian propoganda? did we actually have a sitting president so stupid that he'd sign something that allows terrorists to EVER get away with their crimes?! If that is the case, may I recommend that the quiet professionals who are guarding this murderer shoot him when he attempts to escape?? then shoot him again if he survives. Grrrrrr. The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. E.
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Topolino    More to the point...   4/16/2003 9:46:24 AM
Is there a single obligation of the Oslo Accords that Arafat has lived up to? Even one? What about that entire shipload of weapons the Israelis caught Arafat importing from Iran? What about stopping the terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians? Here's what Foxnews says about the Oslo issue. My feeling is that the PA's clear intention not to honor it renders it null and void for us too.,2933,84292,00.html The Palestinian Authority on Wednesday demanded his release, saying the arrest violated a 1995 agreement between Israel and the Palestinians that was signed by then-U.S. President Clinton. No PLO officials were to be arrested for violent acts committed before the 1993 Israel-PLO pact of mutual recognition, the Palestinians said. Abbas' branch of the PLF renounced terrorism after the 1992 Israel-PLO Oslo Accords, and the group is believed to be politically close to Yasir Arafat's Fatah organization. A Palestinian Cabinet minister, Saeb Erekat, said Abbas has visited Palestinian areas repeatedly since 1996 with Israeli and U.S. acquiescence. After the Oslo Accords, Abbas lived openly in the Gaza Strip for several years.
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evlstu    RE:More to the point...   4/16/2003 11:11:35 AM
So...if he's a PLO official then hijacked the Aquilo Lauro (sp.?) and committed murder with Arafat's and the PLO approval.
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American Kafir    RE:More to the point...   4/16/2003 11:20:05 AM
"The Oslo Agreement is a Trojan horse with which to get senior Palestinian leaders into Israel," Arafat told a closed forum in Ramallah a few days ago. Israeli officials are presently studying the material in which Arafat is quoted as having said, "The intifada that the Palestinians began last year represents their coming out of the insides of the horse." - reported by MEMRI, Dec. 2001
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American Kafir    RE:More to the point...   4/16/2003 11:21:47 AM
"So...if he's a PLO official then hijacked the Aquilo Lauro (sp.?) and committed murder with Arafat's and the PLO approval." So let's give them a Palestinian state we can make decapitation strikes upon.
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bsl    RE:Terrorists and the Oslo Accords   4/16/2003 9:29:33 PM
Olso Accords are meaningless in this. America is not a signatory. The Oslo Accords are/were between Israel and the Palestinians. Leon Klinghoffer was an American citizen murdered in the Mediterranean on an Italian flag vessel. All we have to do is decide what charges we care to bring against him. The Oslo Accords don't enter into the thing.
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Elbandeedo    RE:Terrorists and the Oslo Accords - Thanks for clarification   4/17/2003 7:56:48 AM
Thanks all. I see now it's just more media 'hype'. amzing though that billary didn't actually sign it. perhaps he has a live braincell after all... then again, perhaps not. E.
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jean    RE:Terrorists and the Oslo Accords - Thanks for clarification   4/17/2003 8:10:05 AM
it seems to have regreted this boat hijacked. He was not on board. anyway he must be judged for his crimes. Arafat must retire and let more competent people do the peace of the end these "eye for an eye" slaughters.
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