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Subject: More enemies in our camp
Elbandeedo    4/17/2003 9:01:55 AM
Editorial piece on animal rights activists; is this the wave of the future?? "I voted and didn't get what I wanted, so despite the fact that I'm officially a minority on this issue, I'll rant, rave, and finally hurt other people to show them they are WRONG!" Is that it? Can we expect that those whose oppions are at best, non-centrist and definately not in the majority will now start taking violent action?? "I don't like cabage. I think cabbage should be illegal as a food. Since I can't convince congress to make cabbage sales illegal, I think i'll...." fill in the blank. The future is now. disaffected whiny spoiled punks who don't get their way now see that they can have a "louder" political voice through violence. Grrr. terrorist is a terrorist. E.
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