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Subject: AL-Qaeda eyed for Russian Nukes?
Nuker    4/27/2003 11:48:13 AM
U.S. officials feared in October that Osama bin Laden's terrorist network had obtained a small nuclear weapon and considered the reports credible enough to alert government agencies of the danger, according to news reports.
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ChrisWI    RE:AL-Qaeda eyed for Russian Nukes?   4/27/2003 12:21:47 PM
I heard that 84 out of 136 Russian suitcase sized nukes are missing. Who knows how many of those Osama has. Chris
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Kalashnikov    RE:AL-Qaeda eyed for Russian Nukes?   4/27/2003 12:55:04 PM
According to several articles I've come across, the USSR may have placed dozens in the United States before it collapsed, in the care of secret agents or officials. Also, Russian/Soviet figures tend to be greatly inflated (WWII for example. The Soviet estimates for number of down planes was much higher than it truly was). Perhaps Ussamah bin Ladin was provided with a few by out-of-work nuclear technicians after the USSR dissolved?
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ChrisWI    RE:AL-Qaeda eyed for Russian Nukes?   5/10/2003 7:30:25 AM
If he has them, wouldent he have used them?
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Kalashnikov    RE:AL-Qaeda eyed for Russian Nukes?   5/17/2003 12:04:17 PM
Not neccesarily, as Ussamah bin Ladin has claimed to have possession of small nuclear weapons in the past but has also promised to use them "only if the infidels strike first". Ussamah is no fool, and almost certainly the backlash from an al Qaeda nuclear attack (i.e., MASSIVE retaliation from almost all nations)
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MtViewGuy88    RE:AL-Qaeda eyed for Russian Nukes?   5/17/2003 5:58:10 PM
You really have to wonder why didn't al-Qaeda used a Russian Atomic Demolition Munition (ADM) bomb for the 9/11 attacks. Even detonating a 1 kT ADM bomb at the foot of the Twin Towers would not only have brought both towers down fairly quickly (probably almost immediately!) and killed at least 60,000+ people, but the fact you create a good amount of radioactive fallout along with a deadly-radioactive smoking crater could have virtually shut down most of New York City's financial district for good until replacement for NYSE and NASDAQ headquarter operations are up and running elsewhere. It would have meant demolishing almost every building in the WTC area down to foundation level and covering it with new soil to remove the threat of residual radioactivity, then in a few years new buildings are put in their place.
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ghettovet    RE:AL-Qaeda eyed for Russian Nukes?   5/19/2003 12:28:22 PM
Nobody has possesion of the suitcase nukes, but the russians. I others had them, they certainly would have used them a long time ago. It is not as if it requires training to use one of these. I agree that the russians have exagerrated the numbers of these weapon systems. I would wager that there are no more than 5 of these things in the former soviet union. All under the control of the russian govt. This weapon was never produced on the scale some claim, if it was ever produced at all. Miniturized nukes have been used in artillery for years now, but neither country has mass produced any clandestine weapons systems. Who would deliver it? If you told me that the soviets had a truck bomb with 10 megaton capability that would be more believable than a 1 kiloton "mini-bomb". The soviets always prefered larger systems to smaller ones. Relax everyone.
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Kalashnikov    RE:AL-Qaeda eyed for Russian Nukes?   5/19/2003 12:42:15 PM
It dosen't amtter a bit whether Russia has/had them on not. N. Korea has admitted possession of nuclear arsenals and have expressed intent to export them to hostile nations. All that needs to happen is a bit of weapon-ready uranium gets sold to Iran, which sends it to HizbAllah to decimate downtown Tel-Aviv or to Al Qaeada to wipeout an American or W. European suburb. By the way, it was believed by some that for a while the Soviet KGB had been ordered to develop several prototype suitcase nukes. And from what we've seen so far, the KGB can make large weapons into smaller, equally deadly ones (pistols sized to fit an adult male's palm, umbrellas fit with ricin injections and a 12" tube capable of firing a shotgun shell)
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ghettovet    RE:AL-Qaeda eyed for Russian Nukes?   5/19/2003 3:56:20 PM
N Korea can give WGU to any one it wants. What will they do with it? What kind of device will they build? How will they deliver it? Is someone going to go through all that trouble, ie money, just to hand the fruits of their evil labor over to hamas or some other crackpot organization? I doubt it. Also, any NK WGU they produce would certainly be used for their own weapons systems, since their production levels are very low. Granted, they sell anything to anyone, but for them to follow through with their threats would be pure suicide. And they know it. I see your point though. You are absolutely right about the soviets developing a pint size nuke. They probably even built a few. Certainly not 130. My point is that these weapons are not a threat to us, and never have been. Georgi Markov was assassinated on the Waterloo Bridge in september of 78. He was jabbed with the tip of a "poison umbrella" containing a pellet with ricin inside. He died about 3 days later. This does not mean that we will suddenly be attacked by the penquin. Granted its an ingenious method, but certainly no super weapon. I am quite sure that everyone has even more diobolical ways of killing you now. This does not mean that innocent civilians are at threat to these special ops tactics.
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