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Subject: And the guard starts coming down hard - America has officially forgotten.
Elbandeedo    5/6/2003 7:07:38 AM
Those who have some inkling of what the war on terror truly entails have watched, shaking their heads, clucking their tongues as the liberals got over the first shock of the attack on America and began the race to see who could use political correctness as a ploy to cause America to forget first. Billary (don't you love her?) was rolling her eyes and making snide comments DURING the presidents speech to America on September 12th. America has moved on, "Survivor - 'where ever'" is far more exciting and more pertinent to the average American than say, protecting their families and loved ones. And now the washington post reports that Americas "spy agencies" see the threat as drastically diminished. Remember the cold war? It was "safer" then - with only a few countries having nukes, the two superpowers scaring the pants off of everyone else - except the french who never put theirs back on after WWI. Now it's India, Pakistan, Israel, the U.S., North Korea (?) and... who else? Do terrorists have some of those missing nukes from Russia?? And now we are "safe"?? right. I feel so much better. What ever will I do with my 600 rolls of duct tape, 500 yards of sheet plastic? I know many posters on this board have thougts along the same lines as myself - that the war on terror will take YEARS to have any real effect, and further - it's a war that cannot truly be won. We can probably defeat any given opponent, such as al qrudda and osama-mama bin lid and his "merry band" of sociopathich islamofascists - then who is next? And in the mean time, homegrown loonies will always be a threat - the 'one off'. the lone gunman/bomber/etc. Basically this is the war that will never end. As long as their are those who refuse to go along with the majority rule, there will be those who will become violently opposed to the majority rule. (example - Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front, and SHAC - "I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables!") I trust the truthfulness and accuracy of the washington post about as far as I can throw my house. however. Have we forgotten? has the liberal agenda stalled the war on terror? are their far too many frenchmen living in this country? ;o) E.
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11b10    RE:And the guard starts coming down hard - America has officially forgotten.   5/6/2003 11:52:18 AM
Yea its back to the eyerolls from the daughters and "gotta go,talk to you later granpa",which really means"Jeez,he's talking about again".
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American Kafir    RE:And the guard starts coming down hard - America has officially forgotten.   5/9/2003 5:36:08 PM
I'll take my guard and vigilance down when 50 years passes without an attack on American soil.
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ChrisWI    RE:And the guard starts coming down hard - America has officially forgotten.   5/10/2003 11:46:05 AM
Ill never let my guard down, 11b10 another attack will eventually occur on US soil - sadly. Chris
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appleciderus    RE:And the guard starts coming down hard - America has officially forgotten.   5/11/2003 10:01:48 PM
Here's why I think you're wrong. Yes, the press, the educators, the entertainers, the liberals/socialists/American apologists, all profess as you describe. They would have individuals who share your/our thoughts and opinions feel as a minority by repeatedly broadcasting their position on the airwaves, in the classroom, or on the stage/theater. But they are out of touch with typical Americans. Remember the comment made by a national network personality after the last Presidental election, "I don't even KNOW anyone who voted for Bush". Or Peter Jennings celebrating Daniel Ortega's "landslide victory" the night before the Nicaraugua election. I have always had great confidence in the American electorate to protect our nation from "fringe" elements. However, the electorate cannot act quickly, unless attacked. When our Nation was attacked, the press, educators, etc., rushed to proclaim the bravery of rescue workers, the peacefulness of Islam, the need for calm, the need for the UN, the need for cooperation, the need for "understanding". It's a very effective arguement because it mixes truthfulness (rescue workers) with nonsense (the UN). The reason they did this was they recognized they must speak faster than the collective electorate could react, before the electorate got angry. They misjudged! America understands that it is locked in a struggle with international terrorism, supported by amoral foreign governments utilizing a corrupt UN. In spite of every attempt by "elite intellectuals" to deflect, confuse, muddle, or otherwise misdirect the truth, Americans understand this will be a life long confrontation. Sadly, bitterly, wishing it were otherwise, Americans have resolved themselves that it must be done. They understand a leader is needed. Bush is a start. Graham could be a leader. We will need a generation of leaders who will respond to the electorates determination to finish this, not politicians who listen to the same electorate's whimsical "wish list". I have confidence that this country will elect oficials who force terrorists to fear things that go bump in the night. A government that forces rogue nations to list, worry about, and protect THEIR most vulnerable targets. Keep the Faith gentleman, you are not a minority. You will be assailed and offended by the press, TV, your favorite entertainer. You will feel lonely, like a voice in the wilderness. Be assured that most Americans feel the same way. We seldom hear each other because of the "static" on the airwaves.
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Elbandeedo    RE:And the guard starts coming down hard - America has officially forgotten.   5/12/2003 7:06:41 AM
Nice one Apple. I see you're point, but I still feel the liberal media and hollywood elites have a huge, vapid following. I hope that all the folks in this country who truly see the deep commitment required to win (as best we ever can) the war on terror. I'm firm in my resolve, I will never forget. Thanks for a good post. E.
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appleciderus    For PAT1776 & Elbandeedo   5/13/2003 8:49:16 PM
Thank you for your comments, I appreciate your thoughts. I would like to comment on them and ask you respond again. To Elbandeedo: Your concern for the vapid following of hollywood’s glitterati is well founded, as is the concern of the liberal press. I think my point is that the power of these people to influence everyday Americans is on the wane, and they know it. Recognition by them of their declining influence initiates their more rabid, hysterical behavior. Hence we hear more from them, more often, with less substance. My friends, neighbors, and family (very culturally diversified) listen to this hysteria, and shrug. As a fourth generation New Yorker, I too will never forget. A niece lost a college roommate, a nephew had to throw a desk through the window of the brokerage house in order to escape before the Towers collapsed. As a young man I worked for the NYC transit system (MABSTOA) Headquarted in the WTC. I have a photo of my son taken on the observation deck with the antenna on the opposite tower in the background. (Liberty weekend) When my family cast our brother’s ashes on the Atlantic from his favorite fishing vessel, the only landmarks visible were the Verrazano and the WTC. At my grandson’s Christening I watched a childhood friend of my daughter devote all his time to his children. When the call came to NYPD he called his wife, then headed downtown. 2 days later, he was able to call her. She was sure he had died. He will never be the same boisterous, cheerful child I watched grow up. I watched a friend agonize over her husband’s inability to be with those in his Firehouse who perished, he was on vacation. After watching St John’s defeat Duke at MSG, I walked down the street and visited the Franciscan Chapel home of Father Mikhal Judge, victim #1. He had removed his hard hat to offer last rites to a deceased fireman and was struck by debris. I will never forget. I have become a “one issue” voter. I constantly and persistently encourage those who can effect change to hunt and destroy terrorists wherever they hide. Which leads me to Pat1776. Bob Graham is the biggest ‘vote getter’ in Floridian Gubernatorial election history. Jeb Bush won the last election, but I do not think he beat Grahams % of the total vote. About 2 weeks ago Graham did an interview critisizing the Bush administration for not pursuing the war on terrorism aggressively enough. Posturing? Maybe. Politics? Maybe. But he was preaching to this choir. I brought up his name because I think that the Democrats are in big trouble looking for a candidate. Edwards ran out of money, Dean is already feeling the effect of his anti-war statements. Liberman is burdened with the last election compromising his traditional values. Sharpton will make a mess of the SC primary. Gebhart needs to do a balancing act. I think Graham may become a dark horse. Lots of water needs to go under the bridge before it sorts itself out, but of all the candidates I mentioned, only Graham makes this ‘one issue’ voter smile. The “slumbering public” you mention, I believe, is a result of the American liberal press not reporting international atrocities truthfully. (along with other things). It seems to me that all serious posters here use varied and diverse sources of information to verify and corroborate facts. The average American is informed by 90 second “bites” from Network Anchors, carefully massaged by the media as Elbandeedo described. Or used to be. The September massacre forced the networks to report the truth. “Imbedded reporters” showed the average American the truth. Cable and the Internet offered options. Did this change the average American’s opinions? I think it confirmed their intuitive suspicions. Yes, Network news shows still get great ratings. (as reported by the same people who produce them) Soccer moms are caring, sensitive, liberal, politically correct, active members of their community. Until you threaten their children. Then they want other’s older children to solve the problem while they tie yellow ribbons around trees. But they vote. How will they vote? That may be up to you and I, and others like us. Events today in Saudi Arabia reaffirm the need to eradicate terrorism, even to ‘soccer moms’. I guess my point is that in spite of all the exposure the socialistic/liberal/politically correct/entertainers/educators get on the networks and in the print media, America listens with a ed eyebrow. I honestly believe that America has the collective belief and energy to ignore the distractions and lies, and finish this. As a ‘one issue voter’, I will do anything I can to make it happen faster.
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American Kafir    RE:For PAT1776 & Elbandeedo & Appleciderus   5/14/2003 7:49:10 AM
Excellent posts, my brothers. The Democrat Party is rapidly losing its welcome as a voice in American politics. And it is about damned time. It's been a long 138 years. Encouraging statistics show that right now some 66% to 75% of Americans can't name a single Democrat candidate for President running in 2004, and even more hilarious, of Democrats polled, some 70% can't name one either. This is excellent news, even though I rarely put stock in opinion polls. Do you want a clear example of the Democrats in action? Look at the pathetic Dems of the Texas Legislature, who have fled Texas to Oklahoma, violating a Texas mandatory quorum law to shut down the Texas legislature in an attempt to dictate to the Republican majority what the the floor agenda should be. They are being sheltered from extradition by a Democrat Governor in Oklahoma who apparently has no grasp of his obligations under the US Constitution. This may seem petty on the surface, but a terrible precedent is potentially being set here. As newly-elected Republican state legislature majorities set upon the daunting task of reversing the economic damage wrought upon their respective states by years, if not decades, of previous Democrat-controlled legislatures, can Dems be allowed to hold government hostage by twarting legislative quorums whenever they feel like it? NOT ON MY WATCH MISTER! An example must be set right now. These Texas Democrats must be held accountable for every law they have broken, and serve real jail time. By crossing state lines to continue their coup attempt upon a state government, they are in Federal jurisdiction now. It's time the FBI kicked in some Oklahoma hotel room doors at 3:00 AM with flash-bangers and tear gas, and bring these scofflaws to Texas justice. They better hope to Allah they didn't take any Texas state property with them (cell phones, computers, office stationery, ink pens), they better hope they didn't plan this coup on state property or with state-owned communication devices (phones, pagers, computers), they better hope they didn't use state funds to pay for this stunt, and they better hope like hell they're all in seperate beds when the door comes down. The fight against terrorism starts at home. They say 9-11 brought America together. If it did, it wasn't because Republicans altered their politics, or even had to. If you ever have trouble discerning which party is truly against terrorism, here are some visual cues: Democrat stand against terrorism: clinton.arafat.jpg Republican stand against terrorism: Any questions?
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American Kafir    RE:For PAT1776 & Elbandeedo & Appleciderus (correction)   5/14/2003 7:59:29 AM
The fight against terrorism starts at home. They say 9-11 brought America together. If it did, it wasn't because Republicans altered their politics, or even had to. If you ever have trouble discerning which party is truly against terrorism, here are some visual cues: Democrat stand against terrorism: [bad link replaced with:] Republican stand against terrorism: Any questions?
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ChrisWI    RE:For PAT1776 & Elbandeedo & Appleciderus (correction)   5/14/2003 3:59:00 PM
I agree its time for some FBI agenst to kcik in some hotel room doors and bring em in
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11b10    RE:For PAT1776 & Elbandeedo   5/14/2003 10:04:10 PM
Sorry AppleC I can't agree with you on Bob Graham.He might make a single issue voter smile,but his Party sure doesn't.Just being a Democrat means, when money gets tight, the first thing to get cut is defense and the intellegence agencies.The only serious thought they have on defense is when it brings jobs to their Districts.I was a Democrat for many years but never again.Look at them Dean,Kerry,Braun,Frank,Jackson Lee,Kucinich,McDermott,Doggett,Boxer,Waxman, Pelosi,Barbra Lee,Kennedy,Conyers,Byrd,Murray and Wyden.A list of some of the dems. who will fight Bob Graham all the way, even if he gets elected.The leading Dem. in the house did not come out for Graham, Pelosi endorsed Gebhart.I can't agree with you on Graham not because he isn't a good man but because his party can not be trusted with the security of the US.
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