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Subject: NYC metro area targets
ChrisWI    5/10/2003 11:59:55 AM
Here is my list of possible major terrorist targets in the NYC metro area (NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester Counties): - Shoreham Nuclear Reactor (Shoreham, NY - Suffolk) - Brookhaven National Labatory (Upton, NY - Suffolk) - Plum Island Natl. Research Facility (Plum Island - Suffolk) - LI MacArthur Airport (Islip, NY - Suffolk) - Republic Airport (Farmingdale, NY - Suffolk) - JFK Intl. Airport (Queens, NY - NYC) - Jamacia Train Station (Queens, NY - NYC) - Penn Station (Manhattan, NY - NYC) - Grand Central Station (Mantattan, NY - NYC) - Empire State Bldg (Manhattan, NY - NYC) - 1 Police Plaza (NYPD HQ in Manhattan, NY - NYC) - NY Stock Exchange (Manhattan, NY - NYC) - Indian Point Nuclear Reactor (Indian Point, NY - Westchester) If anybody has any additions or comments, let me know. Chris
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Final Historian    RE:NYC metro area targets   5/10/2003 2:49:11 PM
The Brooklyn Bridge? Wall Street? Where exactly does the Statue of Liberty fit in?
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ChrisWI    RE:NYC metro area targets   5/10/2003 7:12:49 PM
I knew I forgot some things ... revised list tommorow
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greytraveller    RE:NYC metro area targets   5/10/2003 8:56:18 PM
Hate to state this ... but... a few al-qaeda with a mortar and 20 to 30 rounds could cause chaos at any open aired sporting stadium. Important Note. Though I would not think that listing potential terror targets on an open message board could actually cause any problems there is always a slight chance that I am wrong? Does anyone here have any moral problems with posting potential terror targets and/or creative new methods for a terror attack on mesage boards???
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Final Historian    RE:NYC metro area targets   5/10/2003 11:14:05 PM
I think that targets are something that it is safe to post about. I am sure that al Qaeda already has plans on what to hit, the question for is is what would they hit, not what we would hit. Now, if it came to tactics, and actual specific ways to do an attack, well then I think we should stick to general ideas, like using mortars or car bombs and stuff. No Tom Clancy esque plans essentially. After all, we have already had one or two jihadists show up here, so more isn't out of the question. And we don't know who is lurking either.
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ChrisWI    RE:NYC metro area targets   5/11/2003 7:27:30 AM
I think mortars at a football game would kill quite a large # of people (maybe 20 or 30 from the actual explosions and id say maybe 100 more from the chaos (being tramnpled in haste to escape, shock and awe syndrome, heart attacks, etc.). Chris
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American Kafir    RE:NYC metro area targets   5/11/2003 4:01:14 PM
So I can't post my thorough plans on how a team of 20 or so like-minded individuals could shut down a St. Louis-sized city for weeks? Yeah, it's probably a better idea to not post such things.
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ChrisWI    RE:NYC metro area targets   5/11/2003 4:28:05 PM
I started this post yesterday (saturday) morning and havent been arrested, so why not, im interested in hearing your theory. Chris
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Elbandeedo    RE:LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS - or drop buildings   5/12/2003 10:51:47 AM
One primary aspect of the war on terror, with respect to security, must be to NEVER let the terrorists know what really scares us. What are we really afraid they will hit? In addition, known vulnerabilities should never be discussed in open forum, nor even emails amongst folks - how do you know you aren't emailing a jihad-johnny? Remember Need To Know. On another note: we can hypothesize all we like, we can wargame it to death - but all we will do in the end is possibly provide fodder for future attacks, along with fueling our own (vibrant!) imaginations about what could happen if... Don't get me wrong Chris, I fully believe we should be 'wargaming it' in our minds. Leave it to the professionals to truly do justice to the “what if” factor. So you want to figure out what “they” will target? 1.Symbolic in nature. (to them.) 2.Mass casualties or mayhem. (obl said, “…we will strike them (the United States and other 'infidels') in blood, money and tears…”) 3.Media “playability” (in the middle east – in other words, recruiting tool) Also, don’t discount homegrown loonies. We have plenty. Still, jihadis have the most violent tendencies and are more likely to want to hurt a high number of people – IMHO. E.
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ChrisWI    RE:LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS - or drop buildings   5/12/2003 12:27:42 PM
If Osama wanted to attack us he would ahve, since he hasent it proves he cant
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SGTObvious    Even more important NYC metro area targets   5/12/2003 12:28:30 PM
Pat is right, so, in the interest of aiding our Muslim enemies, here's my list of REALLY important NYC metro area targets. JIHADIS TAKE NOTE! SGTObvious is a smart guy! Hit THESE instead of the ones Chris listed and our society will collapse! Chris just gave you false leads, they are all traps. My list is REAL! 1. World Worker's Party HQ, Lafayette and Bleeker st. A Fringe oposition party, vital to the functioning of our political system. Destroy it and the tears we shed will make the Hudson overflow! 2. Fresh Kills Land Fill, Staten Island. It is here where we took the debris from the WTC, and so the place has deep symbolic meaning. A bombing here would surely cast a shadow upon our hearts. 3. "XXX ADULT" theatre, Eighth Ave and 44th street. Think of the great loss you would do to our culture if you bombed this? What? You fear the loss of many of your compatriots in the attack? So? Allah loves martyrs! 4. Nike Missle Base, Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Concrete silos built to house missiles to defend the NYC area. Strike a mortal blow to our defenses! 5. "Autoworld" Route 46, New Jersey. Without their spirited and entertaining radio commercials, our morale would collapse. Please don't bomb them. 6. South Main Street, Patterson, New Jersey. They touched our hearts with their spontaneous dances of sorrow on 9-11. Don't let the Arabic signs fool you- the whole neighborhood is really a Mossad and CIA training ground, where agents are taught to infiltrate Arab society. 7. American Communist Party HQ, west 23rd st.- After you hit target #1, you just have to finish the job here, even if the ACP HQ really hasn't done or said much of anything in the past 20 years. 8. The Hamptons, Long island- here you will find such important targets as the home of beloved right wing militaristic fanatic Barbara Streissand. She's Jewish, so she's one of your enemies, right? I get these things so confused. 9. Alain Ducasses' restaurant on Central Park South. Drive a wedge between us and our dearest ally, France, by striking our city's most expensive restaurant! Show our close French brothers how much you detest us by blowing up a place where the money spent on a single serving of mashed goose liver could feed a family of four for a week. 10. UN HQ, First Ave and 42nd Street. No, really.
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