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Subject: Al-Qaeda reduced in range for attacks-ie a Good Thing
Vulture    5/14/2003 10:27:07 AM
Despite what some politically ambitious senator from Florida is saying, the war on terrorism has proven effective. Sure Al qaeda is not destroyed (neither is Communism/Naziism/or even Race based Slavery -previous "Wars"). But let's face it, GWB's actions means that most terorist actions will be in the Middle East and on to Afghanistan/Pakistan. In other words Muslim countries. And if someone has to die, I would prefer Al Qaeda kill other muislims. This means in the long term fewere recruits. Of course this does mean that Americans working overseas in Muslim countries should ALL get hazardous duty pay. And that telecommute remote management is the way of the future for corporate types (Thank you Arthur C. Clarke). Gotta love religious fanatics, they really do get predictable.
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FourF    RE:Al-Qaeda reduced in range for attacks-ie a Good Thing   5/14/2003 11:41:38 AM
It isn't always religious fanatics of course. Back in the 60s and 70s we had many Marxist terror groups treatening the west. In the US there were a few small splinter groups like the Symbionese Liberation Army, of Patty Hearst fame, but there were probably never more than a dozen of them. In reality they were just a gang of bandits who spouted communist slogans. Then there were the Black Panthers, their's was racism wrapped up in leftist rhetoric. In Germany there was the Bader-Meinhoff gang and in Italy, the Red Brigades. Japan had similar ones and Greece still has some leftovers called the November 17th movement or something like that. France, oh well, in France they eventuall came to power. These groups all had one thing in common, they were basically Marxist and got funds and support from the USSR. As the communist states fell away over time, most of these terrorist groups withered up and died. Sure, there are still a few hold-overs here and there but they have no coordination or planning any more. Today's Muslim terror groups, however, have support from several Arab regimes, they have ample funding and bases from which to operate and coordinate. They have the intelligence agencies of most of the Islamic countries helping them with planning and logistics. This is far more widesread, better organized and more dangerous than our old Marxist foes ever were. Russia knew that if they allowed these fringe groups to go too far, it could earn them a nuke or two. There is nothing reining in these terrorists now. We need to impress on the Saudis that if they don't clamp down on their home grown al q'aeda we will. 4F
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appleciderus    Best shot?   5/15/2003 9:50:50 PM
Just after I got angry, I asked myself "Is this then Al-Qaeda's best shot, an organized attack by 2 or 3 dozen men in their host country?" Our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. Continued success to those who hunt down the terrorists.
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ChrisWI    reply to Vulture   5/16/2003 7:27:55 PM
"Al-Qaeda reduced in range for attacks-ie a Good Thing " lol give me a break, they just blew the f--- out of the Belgian Embassy in Casablanca, Morocco.
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FreeTaiwan    RE:reply to Vulture   6/10/2003 3:05:36 AM
Morocco isn't really that far if you consider the religious and cultural context. And the recent renewed attacks are really foolish and irrational--like a caged beast, if you will, because terrorists should *not* operate in their host countries. Attacking Americans is one thing--some muslims may enjoy the sight of twin towers comming down, but no one--NO ONE--would want it to happen in their house. Not even the Saudis.
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Thomas    Demolishing terrorists   6/10/2003 6:27:51 AM
4F I think your analasys is correct. Nutcases abound, and there will always be willing terrorists - The problem is only solved, if you can pacify their fanancial backers. I think al arab regimes are in for a readjustment - to out it diplomatically.
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Thomas    RE:Demolishing terrorists   6/11/2003 4:22:26 AM
Sorry for the misspelling
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