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Subject: NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY
SGTObvious    5/21/2003 1:16:35 PM
A couple of juicy bits from the Al Queda's latest triumph of the mind: "Muslims, take matters firmly against the embassies of America, England, Australia, and Norway and their interests, companies, and employees." "Do not allow the Americans, the British, the Australians, the Norwegians, and the other crusaders who killed your brothers in Iraq to live in your countries, enjoy their resources, and wreak havoc in them." Okay, why Norway? Things like this just tick me off. Sure, Osama, be pissed off at the US, UK, and the Aussies- we fought and defeated the Saddamites. But what the funk did Norway do to incur Muslim wrath? Picking on peaceful little countries like Norway somehow seems to me worse than threatening the United States.
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Spent Case    RE:NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY   5/21/2003 1:39:00 PM
Probably the Oslo Agreements
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ChrisWI    RE:NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY   5/21/2003 1:46:43 PM
I think Norwegian Army commandos faught in Afghanistan
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greytraveller    RE:NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY   5/21/2003 2:02:21 PM
Norway was probably chosen because Norway is a relatively SOFT target. No doubt that al-Qaeda would have preferred to attack America directly or (2nd choice) attack Europe. Norway is much like Morocco in that it is relatively isolated geographically with long borders. However, Al-Qaeda may find it hard to conceal a bunch of Middle eastern men with hollow stares who suddenly show up in Norway on a 'skiing vacation'.
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Rosecruix    RE:NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY   5/21/2003 2:27:56 PM
Hmm. Norway is the worlds sixth oilexporter, but perhaps its more crusaders and not terrorists that look to that. But meybe they wanna hurt where it hurts and finally blow up the alaska pipe crippling domestic production? norway has all its oil in the sea and an oil platform is a nice big stationary easily damaged target. hmm guess its a bit farfetched but there were plenty of countries that sent more help, the norweigians only lent a hundred something men to british command.. denmark sent a sub heh. And the anti war protests in norway were among the larger in europe counted /capita. whole thing seems pretty erratic to me. /Rosecruix
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appleciderus    RE:NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY   5/21/2003 5:07:15 PM
Didn't Norway also prosecute..or deport..or revoke the visa of a Muslim cleric. Maybe withdrew his application for political refuge. Something in the back of my mind....
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Thomas    RE:NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY   5/22/2003 6:50:57 AM
In Denmark we think they got Denmark and Norway mixed up. As far as I know the radical muslims are under pretty close scrunity around here.
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spectre    RE:NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY   5/22/2003 9:29:44 AM
It almost sounds like Skippy, instead of Norway read "their shovels".
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SGTObvious    RE:NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY   5/22/2003 10:13:02 AM
"I'll Get YOU! And your little Scandinavian Ally Too!" Even if Al Queda meant to say "Denmark" and became gegraphically befuddled, mentioning Norway as a target is much like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz singling out Toto as a target. (You remember teh line : "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!") Sure, Toto bit the witch, but it was still slimey and nasty of the witch to vent her rage on little Toto when in fact it was Dorothy that killed her sister. The idea was, it takes a really evil witch to pick on a cute little puppy. Smart move, Al queada, emulating a movie character who was the very embodiment of incorrigible villainy.
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Tommy Atkins    RE:NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY   5/22/2003 1:33:42 PM
Simple: Theyre christians, and white. no other reason needed
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Thomas    RE:NORWAY?? Jeez, Osama, WHY NORWAY   5/23/2003 8:13:31 AM
As far as I know: The Al Qaida ranted about revenge against CRUSADERS. Well Denmark is the only nation with crusader banner for national flag (brits is a political compromise, swedish is the logo of the chamber of commerce in Tallin, germans is a tricolore not Teutonic Knight anymore, Norwegean, Finnish and Icelandic are imitations (sorry, but true)).
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