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Subject: Yale is burning......
ghettovet    5/21/2003 3:44:08 PM
Was this some osama kook or was it just some homegrown kook? You make the call. Some would say the former. I go with the latter.
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ChrisWI    RE:Yale is burning......   5/21/2003 3:54:08 PM
Id say a deranged student, but you never know.
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Rosecruix    RE:Yale is burning......   5/21/2003 4:27:02 PM
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Phoenix Rising    RE:Yale is burning......   5/21/2003 4:53:47 PM
This doesn't fit the al Qaeda motif of going for the spectacular. If al Qaeda were going to target American universities (which I have no idea why they would ... they have as much sympathy there as anywhere in America), they'd try hitting many at once, and probably in more populated areas like student unions, or even graduation ceremonies, if they could pull it off. --Phoenix Rising
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American Kafir    RE:Yale is burning......   5/21/2003 8:09:42 PM
Yale is Bush's alma mater as well as the school where his daughter Barbara attends. My theory - homegrown kook, Al Qaeda sympathies a possibility.
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