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Subject: Hizbollah
ChrisWI    5/26/2003 7:31:26 AM
Where is Hizbollah based?
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Soylent Green    RE:Hizbollah   5/26/2003 7:54:23 AM
The Lebanon. But they're all-over-the-place kinda guys.
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Rosecruix    RE:Hizbollah   5/26/2003 7:57:37 AM
Lebanon. Check out for their take on things.
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Soylent Green    RE:Hizbollah   5/26/2003 8:18:04 AM
Hehe. Yeah, that'll be good.
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Final Historian    RE:Hizbollah   5/26/2003 3:30:31 PM
Hizb'allah(the party of God), is based in Syria and Lebannon, but they are controlled by Iran. Essentially they are Iran's personal terror network, doing all their dirty work. They were behind the 1983 Beruit barracks bombing.
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ChrisWI    RE:Hizbollah   5/26/2003 3:33:58 PM
thanks now I will fly to Iran and shoot the evil mullahs - jk.
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Soylent Green    RE:Hizbollah   5/26/2003 4:59:43 PM
They're Khomeiniites. Their original and continuing aim is to turn the Lebanon into an Islamic theocracy on Iranian lines. Pretty hardcore and very nasty. More Catholic than the Pope to use a fairly inappropriate turn of phrase. Iran are the real sugardaddies but there's a greater or lesser degree of collusion with the Syrians out of convenience, even though they theoretically think the Syrians are apostates. My enemy's enemy is my friend and all that. Quite how muhc the Syrians help them out is open to debate, but the bottom line is that the Lebanon is effectively a Syrian protectorate and nothing goes down, especially within the Muslim areas, without the Syrians knowing about it and tipping the wink. So at the very least there's tacit support.
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Thomas    RE:Hizbollah   5/27/2003 5:51:39 AM
How long will Syria and Iran support them? there seems to be a rather nasty big stick in their neck of the desert right now? Has the movement in the Israeli position anything to do with certain parties being persuaded to play ball?
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Elbandeedo    RE:Hizbollah - anyone remember the Shoe cartoon...   5/27/2003 10:27:29 AM
where the scruffy old reporter is being derided by his superior (the crow) about an article he wrote? The crow starts off with, "First off, hizbollah does not stand for 'The Party Animals of God"..." E.
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American Kafir    RE:Hizbollah - anyone remember the Shoe cartoon...   5/27/2003 11:02:13 AM
Cheezus, Elbandeedo! I think it would show my age to say I remember -ANY- of the Shoe cartoons, much less a particular one. Not that I'm really all that old... almost 33. But yes, I remember it.
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ChrisWI    RE:Hizbollah - anyone remember the Shoe cartoon...   5/27/2003 1:43:31 PM
How long ago was this cartoon around?
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