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Subject: Labour MP praises brave IRA...
Soylent Green    5/30/2003 11:21:41 AM What can I say? I am absolutely astonished. Here's hoping this tosser gets himself deselected.
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Soylent Green    RE:Labour MP praises brave IRA...   5/30/2003 11:23:25 AM
Hmm that's odd, when I wrote the title of the thread it was "praises "brave" IRA" but the quotations marks haven't come up in the title on the website.
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SGTObvious    Good God, SG   5/30/2003 11:28:16 AM
Where do you get these people? Is there a British equivalent to Berkely, CA? I found it disturbing to see him give credit to the "bullets and bombs" for creating the peace process. In a sick way, he is right- had there been no bullets or bombs, ever, there would never have been any reason for a "peace process". It's like crediting a tumor for bringing about beneficial surgery.
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Soylent Green    RE:Good God, SG   5/30/2003 11:56:55 AM
I know, it's almost surreal. Thankfully he is nowhere near the mainstream of the Labour Party and I can't see him not being disciplined severely. The bizarre thing is that most Northern Irish Catholics wouldn't even thank him for what he's saying either - they're the ones who have their communities run like personal fiefdoms by the IRA and who have burly people coming round and taking their money away for "the cause". It's just incredibly crass and stupid - the bloke must live in a little fantasy world of his own making.
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American Kafir    RE:Good God, SG   5/30/2003 8:40:53 PM
It's just further evidence that the words "sinister, gauche, and unclean" all mean "left" and the words "correct, beneficial, and moral" all mean "right." Everyone fights for their rights. No one ever fights for their lefts.
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Soylent Green    RE:Labour MP praises brave IRA...   5/31/2003 4:35:50 AM
He's under investigation and hopefully will get reamed repeatedly with some form of anal probe. There was a reumpus yesterday because he's been banned from attending any constituency meetings. Apparently his local party is "standing by him" so I think generally sterr clear of the Glasgow branch of the Labour Party is the lesson here.
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Thomas    RE:Labour MP praises brave IRA...   6/2/2003 6:55:39 AM
As always the road to government leads through the former governments perverse desire to selfdestruct. In Denmark we are trying something new: Letting the opposition selfdestruct!
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American Kafir    RE:Labour MP praises brave IRA...   6/2/2003 10:11:00 AM
>In Denmark we are trying something new: Letting the opposition selfdestruct!< That would be along the samer lines of the political tactics used by Karl Rove and company here in the USA. I, for one, would hate to be in the shoes of any Democrat currently in office going into the next election. Nobody told Bonior, Thompson, and McDermott to go to Baghdad as guests of Saddam Hussein before the war to criticize President Bush. Nobody told Dean to say the Iraqi people were probably better off with Saddam Hussein on the same day thousands of mass graves were exhumed and CHILDREN were released from political prisons. Nobody told Gephardt to make the centerpiece of his 2004 Presidential bid the very same socialized health care plan that doomed his chances of ever becoming Speaker of the House. Nobody told Al Sharpton to run for President. They did this to themselves. Without a massive influx of, say, 500 or more candidates somewhere near the intelligence level of Phoenix Rising, the Democratic Party in the USA is doomed to be the refuge of the stupid.
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Elbandeedo    RE:Labour MP praises brave IRA... But AK!   6/2/2003 10:15:53 AM
The Dems just plain don't HAVE anyone approaching the mental capacity of "our" PR. Heck, I've said before, I'll say it again - if that young man (assuming here) runs for office, he's got my vote, regardless of ticket. There's not a living democrat in office I'd say that about. (maybe a dead one? oh wait, that's the wife. nahhhh. not her!) E.
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Soylent Green    RE:Labour MP praises brave IRA... But AK!   6/2/2003 10:27:52 AM
Pity about Bob Kerrey and that whole war crimes thing eh?
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American Kafir    RE:Labour MP praises brave IRA... But AK!   6/2/2003 4:20:11 PM
Well, I feel I will have done my part as a card-carrying member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy if I persuade Phoenix Rising to not invest his efforts in trying to reform the party of slavery, heavy taxation, labor terrorism, infanticide, socialist subversion, and consulting movie stars on foreign policy. But he's young. There's still time.
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