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Subject: Nice Catch, Athens!
SGTObvious    6/24/2003 1:47:14 PM
A whole shipload of explosives, headed for Sudan:,1280,-2829287,00.html Coming so soon after the Greek EU guy openly supported the "preemptive action" concept, an eye opener from Greece. Who needs French wine when we can get Retsina, anyway? It's almost drinkable AND it can repair flat tires!
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Thomas    RE:Nice Catch, Athens!   6/25/2003 3:21:18 AM
What I don't understand is, what the hell was that ship doing in Istanbul!
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American Kafir    RE:Nice Catch, Athens!   6/25/2003 7:30:11 PM
I don't see what the big deal is. Everyone knows that if you want to build a road in the Sudan, you've got to blow all the sand out of the way with almost a kiloton of explosives.
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SGTObvious    A kiloton of explosives?   6/25/2003 7:35:12 PM
Wouldn't it be cheaper to grab a few hundred slaves from the south and force them to dig the sand out of the way? After all, you don't have to feed them, because when they die, since their not muslims, no one but a handful of crazy Americans cares about them.
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Thomas    RE:A kiloton of explosives?   6/26/2003 3:51:49 AM
I wonder where the name Baltic Sky came from - but I suppose so are some there are paid for wondering.
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