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Subject: Saddam-Al Qaeda link?
American Kafir    7/24/2003 2:57:22 PM
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Crusader    RE:Saddam-Al Qaeda link?   7/24/2003 3:11:40 PM
C'mon AK, don't try to cloud the issue with facts! Go to the blackboard and write a hundred times "BLOOD FOR OIL", so you can learn the truth............ Todd
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American Kafir    RE:Saddam-Al Qaeda link?   7/24/2003 4:05:15 PM
blod fer earl blod fer earl me lern gud now.
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Crusader    RE:Saddam-Al Qaeda link?   7/24/2003 8:08:53 PM
yur lernin jes qit usin them fax dont wury will skedul thr labotomi fer ya $harpton fer Prezidant!
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