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Subject: Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11
Jay    7/24/2003 9:17:28 PM
Can you believe this?
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northenguy    RE:Reuters-Many Germans Think USA ...fjw    9/16/2003 12:16:28 PM
FJW Thanks for the hard numbers. By the time I read the topic, the original link was dead. It did seem a little bizarre even for "soft power" folks.
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northenguy    RE:Careful now AK...SgtObvious   9/16/2003 1:27:32 PM
SgtObvious says that since he benefited personally from the recent large scale power black out, by the logic of some posters on this board it's reasonable to assume he was likely responsible for it in some way. I would like to take this opportunity to thank SgtObvious for clearing this matter up. I wondered who did it. It's so easy to carry out these wide scale devastating conspiracies with such subterfuge that only selected individuals totally unrelated to the event in time, place or direct knowledge are able to parse out what "really" happened. Of course, this mysterious all powerful "they" created the whole 9/11 thing for their own advantage that couldn't possibly be achieved any other way. Of course the world's governments and media cooperated to sustain the fiction. Of course Al Jazeera and Abu Dhabi tv were in on it. In fact virtually everyone in the world was in on the giant conspiracy to fool these amazing few individual sceptics whose opinions are so important that billions must be spent to achieve it. Imagine all that effort and SgtObvious spoiled it for them. Now we will be treated to the spectacle of the B.B.C. and such organisations quoting SgtObvious, and proclaiming there's "proof..proof..proof, I tell you" that everything is a giant conspiracy. I guess it's safe to reveal it now, but it was me that took down the Berlin wall. All those pictures of demonstrators chipping away at it..fake! I did it. Went in with my backhoe. No trouble really. It was made out of cardboard. Just down the street here in Vancouver. Berlin's really just a small village covered in snow year round. It would never work on tv having the wall there. It provided a lot of work around here what with all the extras needed for the tv and movie shots of people trying to escape over it and such. All of us here sure regret the loss of jobs it brought in. Mind you, all 10,000 of us involved in the project for the last 20 years did a pretty good job keeping it secret. I know SgtObvious only said he "might" be responsible for the power blackout but I just had to finally admit my role in world events. Of course there the really big ones that I was involved in but if Tasha and others found out I would have to kill myself. Of course when I kill myself I'll be subtle and wait until I'm 80 and have a supposed heart attack, or maybe get hit by a bus in a random traffic accident but SgtObvious and myself know that such tricks couldn't ever fool Tasha.
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northenguy    such a gotverddammen gut fresserlach.   9/16/2003 1:38:28 PM
As an english speaker, your child is a looks like such a "gotverddammen gut fresserlach" just doesn't sound like a compliment. For any Germans considering coming to North America I strongly recommend being cautious in applying the term to children in the presence of their mothers especially if they're armed. (either the children or their mothers). In the case of the mothers, a simple translation will only make matters worse.
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SGTObvious    Darn nice town you've got there, Northenguy.   9/16/2003 2:07:09 PM
I visited Vancouver once. Very nice. Architecturally magnificent, yet cutting edge. I liked the floating house village*, and the gaslight area, and the UBC campus is beautiful. I recall espresso bars on every corner in the downtown area- this was years before Starbucks invaded New York- and I thought, it would be nice if we had one of those. Now we have millions. And now at last I understand why your handle is "northenguy" and not "northernguy". Trying to hide your Canadian Accent by pretending to be a New Englander! *Really, I mean this. You have a wealthy, upscale floating community in sight and walking range of a cement plant. This is a good thing. The upper class should never forget where wealth actually comes from. It's a shame that too many of them never see anything remotely industrial. Yeah, I'm one of those guys who can tour a city and be interested in the cement plant.
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northenguy    RE:Darn nice town you've got there, Northenguy....SGTObvious   9/16/2003 5:31:24 PM
Actually, I thought the answer to my choice of handles would be obvious. I'm such a terrible typist that I even get my own nicname wrong. Once started I left it that way to differentiate myself from all the other Norhternguys. Yes, Vancouver is a beautiful city. The particular area you mentioned is called Granville Island which is right downtown. In addition to the floating residential community, there is a thriving marine community, a prestigious art college, a vast farmers market, specialty breweries, stunning views of adjacent ski mountains which keep the 10 square block area jam packed during the day and enough restuarants and theatres to keep the crowds there at night. Vancouver city government over the years has used every trick in the book to maintain a mix of ethnic groups and economic classes evenly distributed throughout the city. Hence the cement plant you mentioned which is between a multi-million dollar hotel on one side and million dollar yachts on the other. Other than that sort of stuff Granville Island is pretty ordinary.
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Jay    I know it's just a typo but too good to pass up.....   9/23/2003 10:15:07 AM
"Poles and statistics are always manipulated. I think its foolish to base ones thoughts on what a pole says." Especially when he says "please don't invade my country"!!! :0)
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SGTObvious    I wouldn't have touched that with a ten foot poll, Jay. nt   9/23/2003 11:56:32 AM
no text
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Rosecroix    RE:Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11    10/18/2003 3:37:21 PM
I think the peace corps did it. They knew they'd get increased funding the veasly bastards...
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