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Subject: Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11
Jay    7/24/2003 9:17:28 PM
Can you believe this?
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Panther    RE:Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11    7/24/2003 10:32:26 PM
As unbelieveable as it must sound, but i'm not to surprised about the poll! And most especially those under 30 which seems about right for the entire world, that if it were really possible to take an entire world poll you might find between 20-30% would believe we staged our very own disaster. Never mind the facts, news for the sensationalists out there will always be geared toward the conspiracy theories and facts be D*MNED! Tends to make this old timer wonder, just how fast are today's young adults swallowing anti-war and left wing views, before the facts are actually in! Caution is a virtue!
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Elbandeedo    RE:Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11    7/25/2003 8:03:52 AM
don't worry about it Panther. it's just the crack their all smoking. eventually, the ones that live (without irreperable damage done to their brains), will see the truth and the idiocy of their ways. or not. shame really. a "wasted" mind is a terrible thing to have. E.
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FJV    RE:Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11    7/25/2003 2:46:29 PM
Many Germans now there is a hard concrete number. It seems it is a poll of JUST 1000 Germans among the readership of Die Zeit. Now this doesn't seem to me like a representative cross section of the German population. Looking at the web site of Die Zeit the paper seems leftist leaning. Then we see the number 30% of under 30 years but further we read 20% of the total. So what are we left with: 1/5th of 1000 readers from a German (leftist leaning?) magazine believe that the U.S. government may have sponsored the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington. (For leftists that's a low low number) Now I guess that 200 Germans can be called many Germans so the media aren't technically lying. Maybe I'm just too damn suspicious.
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American Kafir    RE:Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11    7/25/2003 4:03:52 PM
20 years from now, leftists will be saying "who's Che Guevara?" as they march in their Saddam Hussein t-shirts.
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Jay    RE:Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11 --AK   7/26/2003 4:45:16 PM
I really shouldn't be surprised at this from the Germans. I don't think the numbers are exaggerated. In fact, given the Germans'penchant for conspiracy theories, I wouldn't be surprised if the same 30 percent are also convinced a secret group of jewish bankers caused them to lose both world wars. Seems like the only two things Germans are capable of making are vehicles and trouble, and I wish they would stick to the former. Hey speaking of Che by the way, Hollywood is (of course) making a movie about the Monkey God of Leftists Everywhere. I understand it's supposed to star Benicio Del Toro (only makes sense since it's bound to be full of 'bull'). I'm sure we'll all get exposed to some director's interpretation of Che's "sensitive, enigmatic" nature rather than just show him for the murderous little bunghole he really was. (No doubt the movie will get a PG-13 rating as well, irregardless of how much blood and boobs are present, after all, have to make certain the kids can get educated too...........
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Panther    RE:Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11 --AK   7/26/2003 6:25:49 PM
Well, if hollywood is really making a movie about che, then they can expect me to pay with sh*t from my toilet! Somehow i feel like hollywood is trying to turn us all into nice little socialist lambs, so the big bad wolf can come and slaughter us! I hate to say it, but hollywood has become a big bad joke! Maybe we need a law that seperates entertainment from politics! Sure movies would be more boring, but in the long run we wouldn't have to see actors trying to play politicians in foreign countries!
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American Kafir    RE:Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11 --AK   7/27/2003 6:02:10 AM
A nice-nice movie about Che? You're kidding, right? What's next, a "reality" TV show that puts contestants in front of firing squads?
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ChrisWI    RE:Reuters-Many Germans Think USA Staged 9/11    7/27/2003 8:32:44 AM
No, I bet their left wing governemet told them that
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Jay    Yep, it's a movie   7/27/2003 10:10:44 PM
Checked it out aand yes, it really is in production, starring Del Toro in the title role, produced by Steven Soderburgh, directed by Terrence Malick. What a joke.
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FJV    RE:Yep, it's a movie   7/28/2003 10:52:21 AM
It seemed just too much like the media stirring up additional trouble between the USA and Germany. Old media trick stir up some hostility between two groups and start reporting about the nasty arguments that follows. Media making their own news. PS: At least the ending scene of the Che Guevara movie will be good :-)
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