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Subject: Congressional 9-11 investigation results:
American Kafir    7/25/2003 5:46:26 PM
The Reader's Digest version: The FBI and CIA failed to share info with each other about [censored].
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swhitebull    RE:Congressional 9-11 investigation results:   7/25/2003 5:53:11 PM
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Crusader    RE:Congressional 9-11 investigation results:   7/25/2003 8:39:09 PM
8^P lol
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appleciderus    8^P ?   7/25/2003 9:10:43 PM
Maybe it's late, but that went over my head. IMHO, the major fault of the investigation is Congress is getting away with pointing the finger of guilt at everyone but themselves. The intelligence communities have been under-staffed, under-funded, and operating with Congessionally mandated restrictions. Never-the-less, Congress absolves itself, relying on the short memory of the American public.
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Shaka of Carthage    RE: ... appleciderus   7/26/2003 11:01:08 AM
This may be worth another topic, so if you are interested, please create one... here under Terrorism. The problem with the US intelligence agencies is in the analysis. There are areas where they are under-staffed or under-funded. But overall, the problem is that we have multiple agenecies doing the same things, because no one trusts the other or doesn't believe they get priority. Human intelligence assets we've screwed over, because America doesn't like getting its hands dirty. Its not James Bond, its more like a police confidental informant. Take the FBI for instance. Is it a intelligence agency? Or a criminal investigation agency? It can't be both, which is what it has been trying to do since Hoover, and its not doing either job well. The Defense Department, has replicated alot of the functions of the CIA, in something called the DIA. You now have two groups, who have departments that do the same thing. Wasteful and inefficent. Not to mention the military information from military attaches has a tendency to go to the DIA people long before the CIA sees it. Signal and electronic intelligence, America has no equal. Big Brother is watching and listening. But when it comes to interpeting the information, thats where it seems we fall short. In light of the WMD issue, you have to wonder if its because the politicians won't accept intelligence info that doesn't suit thier particular policies, or if the intelligence reports are being tailored to the politician it goes to.
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On Watch    RE:Congressional 9-11 investigation results:   2/2/2004 11:45:23 AM
So What's the Scoop? Did Dubya sign off on the Iraqi Intel Investigation to take heat off the pending decision to not extend the 9-11 probe?
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sentinel28a    RE:Congressional 9-11 investigation results:   2/6/2004 5:14:13 PM
9/11 probe...gimme a break. Our intel agencies screwed up, along with the INS. Tenet knew who was behind it as soon as the second airliner hit the WTC. We got caught with our pants down--again--and it shouldn't be a question of "who knew what when" but "what can we do to make sure it doesn't happen again?" I think it's arrogance, pure and simple. People don't want to believe that a bunch of illiterate camel jockeys (which neither Osama nor the hijackers were) could catch out the great US of A. Therefore, it must have been the US government that failed. certain lunatic Frenchmen have was BUSH! Never mind the fact that Bush is lucky if he can keep the brand of beer his daughters are slugging back a secret, but by golly, he and about 2000 other people who would be required to pull it off MUST have been responsible. Just like FDR did Pearl Harbor in collusion with Churchill and the RAF, because those Japs can't fly worth a crap! (I was lurking on's message boards today. Can you tell?)
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Basher    RE: ... appleciderus   2/6/2004 5:24:11 PM
How did the intelligence agencies reason beating Serbia to death soley in order to ensure a new muslim be established?.
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Vulture    RE:Tenet knew who was behind it    2/6/2004 7:20:49 PM
Hell I knew it was Al-Qaeda and I don't even get the Daily Threat Assessment. Then again I knew that the DC snipers used a Bushmaster and were islamic weeks before they got captured. Hey Nation of Islam is close ;) A good Analyst sees the patterns.
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appleciderus    The Intelligence Agency...   2/6/2004 8:06:26 PM
...didn't make that decision. The Clinton Administration did, and it may be the only thing I think the Clinton Administration did right! Genocide by any culture is criminal.
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Basher    RE:The Intelligence Agency...   2/6/2004 9:00:49 PM
War is NEVER a pretty thing. ANY war is outlandish. Even the Pacific war, though the US was 100% in the right in that instance. All killing is ugly. It is strange to say that sometimes killing is justified and that sometimes it is criminal. The serbs and muslims were fighting each other. The Clinton administration wanted to see the muslims win, so interveined on their behalf... I wonder what Clinton's stance on September 11th is.
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