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Subject: Intelligence and 9-11
appleciderus    7/26/2003 9:13:05 PM
This is like which came first, the chicken or the egg. IMHO, all intelligence is a failure, if the final analysis of the input is incorrect. It seems to me that with less input, the chances of failure increase. I agree that there is altogether too much duplication of effort and too little sharing of input, but again, believe that is caused by sincere and dedicated agencies competing for meager resources. Under the best of circumstances, it is the nature of agencies and departments to protect their mission statement. It IS a policy of government to endorse this “territorial” protection, and it’s resulting competition, in order to promote better performance. Budget cuts severely compromise this policy. Congressional mandates of who, of what, of where and of why intelligence can be collected and be used emasculate this resource, and force departments and agencies to compete for, and hoard information. I believe this is a direct result of Congressional action. During early Congressional hearings, I viewed a witness (CIA?) asked what he thought was the cause of "intelligence failure". He replied "You!" Thank you Bob Torecelli.
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greytraveller    RE:Intelligence and 9-11   7/29/2003 2:37:14 PM
In my view September 11 is one event that CAN NOT be blamed on Congress. It was an intelligence failure. The CIA, FBI and NSA should divide the blame relatively equally between themselves. The intelligence community gets a HUGE budget. And the intel organization directors regularly try to keep many of their activities Out of the prying eyes of Congress. Yet the same intelligence directors attempt to dodge the burden of guilt and blame for the 9/11 disaster. American intelligence is quite simply the best at electronic and signals intelligence (ELINT and SIGINT). Yet it is woefully inadequate at human intelligence (HUMINT). There is STILL a shortage of arabic translators. BTW if I had my way I would have demoted (not fired) both Robert Mueller and George Tenet and replaced both with Counter-terror specialists. In my view both Mueller and Tenet are largely political appointees whose careers have already been irreparably stained.
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American Kafir    RE:Intelligence and 9-11   7/29/2003 3:18:19 PM
I'm willing to give Mueller a pass. He was still wiping Louis Freeh's sweat stains off of his desk chair when 9-11 happened. Tenet on the other hand seems ripe for the chopping block.
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