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Subject: Why is it?
FJV    8/11/2003 4:45:38 PM
Why is it that the war on terror feels more like the war against the extreme left wing. It almost seems that the extreme left takes the center stage and the fundamelists are standing on the sideline. Even on this board we have more extreme leftists debating against the war on terror than fundamentalists. Which makes me wonder. Are the extreme leftists more succesful in fighting the war on terror than the fundamentalists?
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Zerbrechen    RE:Why is it?   8/11/2003 10:15:01 PM
probably because the religious fundamentalist terrorists haven't yet made the grievous error of openly saying that they wil require prayer in public schools if they are victorious.
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American Kafir    RE:Why is it?   8/12/2003 7:38:34 AM
ROFLMAO Zerbrechen! The intellectual bankruptcy of the left is revealed by their cognitive dissonance in that they can correctly identify the source of terrorism, yet willfully disbelieve that source is a threat. They do this by calling the Muslims who carry out terrorist attacks "Islamic fundamentalists," "Muslim extremists," or "radical Islamists;" each moniker denoting the well established fact that someone who follows the basics doctrines (fundamentals) of Islam with fervor, diligence, and over-abundant enthusiasm (extreme, radical) is more likely to be a violent terrorist than a "moderate Muslim," which is a Muslim who hasn't actually killed anyone for Allah yet, but might if forced into a choice between being a peaceful human being and a good Muslim. Think about it. If the only difference between a "moderate" Muslim and an "extreme" Muslim is that the "extreme" Muslim is out calling for and causing the deaths of others while the "moderate" is not, the adjectives are in fact measuring the person's dedication to Islam, their "Muslim-ness." Therefore, if someone you know calls himself a "Muslim" and he isn't actively threatening your life for not being a Muslim, chances are decent that he's a "moderate." He's nuanced Islam just enough to not kill anyone yet. In this way, the Left and Islamic fundamentalists are in agreement - those Muslims who do not kill aren't really following Islam. But woe unto the Lefty that admits this.
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