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Subject: Lockerbie and France
Johnny Frost    8/19/2003 1:23:21 PM
Is it not just great that France is threatining to block the US UK deal with Libya over Lockerbie, because they (the French)failed to get as good deal for their own citizens in their own terrorist outrage. i sympathise with the individuals but France cannot use it veto like this. rant over. Thanks
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appleciderus    Dear John   8/19/2003 2:16:30 PM
Never be disappointed when people, or nations, behave as you expected them to. Did you not witness French UN behavior earlier this year?
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jean    RE:Lockerbie versus UTA 772   8/19/2003 2:47:26 PM
Lockerbie: 270 killed , 10 millions US $ per family. UTA 772 : 170 killed , from 3000 to 30 000 $ per family. 17 different nationalities , including of course french but many africans , some US , britons , italians ... If you feel the deal is correct and the US/UK victims of lockerbie worth more than those of UTA flight , so you can thank Mr ghadafi, your new friend.
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appleciderus    French deal   8/19/2003 3:08:08 PM
Just like a Frenchman to be angry at me for the deal his government cut with Kadahfi. France needs fewer socialists and more capitalists. As for my government, I wish they told him to keep his money, and went after his other leg, at least.
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FJV    RE:French deal   8/19/2003 3:15:24 PM
This makes me wonder: How much does an assasination attempt on Khadaffi cost?
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appleciderus    RE:French deal   8/19/2003 5:01:58 PM
My daughter-in-law and infant grandson were on that aircraft flying to Germany the day before. They were booked on that flight returning to the US 5 days later. In the grand celestial calendar of events, I consider that a very close call. I wouldn't care what the cost was to eliminate that SOB before he kills again.
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American Kafir    RE:French deal   8/19/2003 5:22:04 PM
It's not a bad deal for France really. Libya pays restitution to American and British families for terrorism with French money from selling arms to Francafrique "rebels" maintaining French control on illegal diamond exports from West Africa. The only way an American or Brit is going to profit from this arrangement is if a family member is killed by French funded terrorism and a link to Libya is proven.
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SGTObvious    RE:French deal-FJV   8/19/2003 5:42:50 PM
"How much does an assasination attempt on Khadaffi cost?" In 1986, when we tried (sort of), it was the cost of one in-flight refueling sortie (since France denied us overflight rights) as well as the F-111 bomber sortie from the UK, plus whatever support was required.
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Crusader    RE:French deal-FJV   8/20/2003 8:48:06 AM
What is the cost of a B-2 sorte? About that much........
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giblets    RE:French bought off cheaply again   8/20/2003 9:18:45 AM
Interesting that the French only started throwing their dummy out of the pram when they found out what the UK and US were getting. The accepted the Libyan deal in 1999. Hoping to cash in on improved relations, immediately after this deal was signed, France sent a trade delegation to Libya, including oil companies. I guess this may also have something to do with US/ UK/ French attitudes earlier this year, As with the UTA bombing, France was bought off cheaply.
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FJV    RE:French deal-FJV   8/20/2003 10:42:55 AM
I was more thinking in the following manner: If Khadaffi would be responsible for killing a large part of my family, then I would seriously consider using that 10 million he pays for funding an assasination attempt on him.
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