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Subject: Canadians arrest 19 in nuke attack plot
Jay    8/22/2003 4:40:27 PM
CNN is reporting that the Canucks just locked up 19 Pakistanis living there suspected in a plot to crash planes into a nuke plant. Apparently one of the things that raised suspicion is when one of the middle-eastern plotters, in the course of his flight lessons, asked his instructor if they could fly over a nuclear power plant just for a look (oops-duhhh). They were also frequently changing addresses, living in the same groups of four or five (the exact number of sheep is still unknown). What surprised me though, is that the Canadian cops are openly admitting these men were taking advantage of their immigration system. Of course, that's lower level law enforcement officials who are probably as frustrated as anybody with Canada's non-existent immigration controls. Makes me wonder how long till their idiot PM apologizes to all the ragheads of the world for hurting their self-esteem.
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capitalist72    RE:Canadians arrest 19 in nuke attack plot    8/23/2003 11:42:07 AM
Having recently immigrated to Canada myself, on the strength of my skills and experience, it is of concern to see that a certain portion of immigrants here are abusing the refugee system, and some aspects of family immigration, thereby giving a bad reputation to all immigrants, particularly those of us who carry our own weight and more to create wealth and revenue for Canada. I agree with you in that I believe that the immigration process here needs to be significantly revamped, and tightened in some aspects (such as "refugee" and on security aspects). Immigrants should also sign adherence to the moral principles and standards of this country so that the immigration doesn't allow narrow-minded people in here, who would seek to curtail the rights of others. I also believe that the right kind of immigration can be extremely beneficial to Canada as well as the immigrants. So no apology from Chretien is needed to this particular "raghead."
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Thomas    RE:Canadians arrest 19 in nuke attack plot    8/25/2003 3:40:46 AM
Look at my Copenhagen post - might there be a connection?
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desertdog    RE:Which plant   8/25/2003 4:36:47 AM
Which nuke plant? Most nuclear power plants can withstand a direct hit from an airliner, they could damage the auxillary buildings significantly which could start a chain of events but actually running a plane into the containment building that houses the reactor would do little damage to the structure itself.
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