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Subject: Al-Qaeda connection in Copenhagen
Thomas    8/25/2003 1:47:24 AM
During the weekend the danish daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende ( - won't help many, as it is in danish) revealed a connection to al-qaeda. A danish-maroccan, Said Mansour, has been in close contact with Abu Qutada in London (he is reconed to be the financial head in Europe) - apparently concerning forged passports. Said Mansour used a telephone booth on the main railway station in Copenhagen, fearing (with reason) his own phone being tapped, but overlooking the possibility, that the police would bug the phonebooth. (you do sleep more comfortably with enemies this brilliant) The report begs some questions: 1. Why has this information been leaked? The police refuses to comment directly; but says something like letting small fish go to catch big fish. The content of the report clearly indicate unattributed police sources. 2. What does the management of the Danish Rail plan to undertake, as it is wellneigh impossible to use the telephones on that station, as they are allway taken? 3. What criteria do al-qaeda recruiters use? Copenhagen Main Railway Station is well-known to have the highest concentration of policeofficers pr. square meter in the whole country and is but a handgrenades throw away from one of the main police stations (Station 1) in Copenhagen ?
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Thomas    RE:Al-Qaeda connection in Copenhagen   9/1/2003 5:05:03 AM
A mr. Mansour has been arrested this friday for al-qaeda connections.
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