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Subject: Can YOU think like a terrorist?!!!
Philippine Soldier    8/28/2003 4:19:26 AM
Terrorists throughout history have used different methods to maim and kill people. Some of the attacks were extraordinary, others have been ordinary but both have deadly results. Some examples used by terrorists are; 1. Suicide plane hijacking and crash (USA 2001) 2. Car or truck bombs (Indonesia 2002, India 2003) 3. Massacre by firearms (Egypt 1997) 4. Kidnappings and executions (Philippines 2002, Pakistan 2002) There are many more types of attacks I have not mentioned yet. Do you have the ability to think of something that terrorists might use one day in an attack? Im sure intelligence agencies all over the world has thought of some already and if we come up with something new, they better be reading it so they can prevent it.
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swhitebull    Candidates for Darwin awards - runner up   8/28/2003 6:35:49 AM
Do you REALLY think its appropriate to be openly discussing MORE NEW and IMPROVED ideas for terrorists to read about how to kill people? Don't you think its a wee bit - shall we say - not smart? swhitebull- SMACK!!! {Sound of palm hitting forehead in disbelief that someone actually posted this.} DUH!!!!
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American Kafir    RE:Can YOU think like a terrorist?!!!   8/28/2003 6:40:16 AM
Anybody can think like a terrorist. The challenge lies in thinking strategically beyond the actual attack. Terrorists rely far too heavily upon the idea that their tactics will frighten their victims into inaction and capitulation, and from that they embolden themselves further. They have absolutely no strategy for dealing with those who are angered by terrorism, and therein lies the weakness of terrorism as a tactic.
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appleciderus    RE:Can YOU think like a terrorist?!!!   8/28/2003 6:57:40 AM
Didn't we just read of an arab flight school student being arrested after asking his instructor to fly over a nuclear power plant for a "look see"? Maybe someone should report this poster to Homeland Security?
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Thomas    RE:Can YOU think like a terrorist?!!!   8/28/2003 8:53:03 AM
Well switebull - I quite agree, as I the main problem about terrorists is that an awfull lot of people spend time checking up on weird ideas and persons - and if we post new ideas, they have that much more work at hand.
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Philippine Soldier    Who do you think you are swhitebull!!!!   8/29/2003 9:12:17 AM
First of all, did you not read my posting. I donot want to help terrorists. Anything you can think of, the intelligence agencies have though about already. Lastly, i'll SMACK you back you stupid dump bull!!
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swhitebull    RE:Who do you think you are swhitebull!!!!   8/29/2003 9:43:53 AM
PS wrote: "...Do you have the ability to think of something that terrorists might use one day in an attack? Im sure intelligence agencies all over the world has thought of some already and if we come up with something new, they better be READING [my emphasis added] it so they can prevent it..." You imply by this statement of yours that you want us to post our thoughts on what terrorist can use so that Intel agencies can pick up on it and use it against terrorism. Am I missing something here? Not likely. Well guess what, terrorists can read these sites too, and what you are doing in a PUBLIC forum is giving terrorists another tool to glean information to kill people. At BEST, your comments are extremely naive, at WORST, they give out more information than these bastards need to know. NOw if that ISNT what your statement is saying, then you need to write it in a way that is understandable to people would read your posts. I'm not the only one who drew this conclusion, so I would really try to write clearly and understandably. As for YOUR comment on smacking heads, its obvious to me you dont understand American English idioms. The sound of palm smacking forehead is what I did to myself upon reading your incredibly naive statement. swhitebull- apologies from you for your SMACKING attack on me due to your misunderstanding of English idioms and figures of speech will, of course, be gladly accepted. And I would watch your language and conduct on these boards, I've noticed that the SysOps have been deleting posts and leaving messages lately. name calling will probably get you a reprimand, then a boot. A gentle heads-up, PS. 'Nuff said!
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Condor Legion    RE:Can WE think like a terrorist?   8/29/2003 10:29:43 AM
I think I understand where PS is going with this...(think) Back to Hackworth and his "out G the G" operational tactics. ZAT SO?, CL
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FJV    RE:Can YOU think like a terrorist?!!!   8/29/2003 3:55:36 PM
It's basically all about dehumanisation. If you want to think like a terrorist, think of the people in the same way as you would think of vermin, or a disease, something to be exterminated. Thinking like a terrorist to identify obvious targets and weaknesses in security of these targets is useful. But this strategy only works up to a certain point, because you soon find out that you cannot defend everything. If you would try to, your forces would be spread too thin and you would leave the initiative to the terrorists. This would let the terrorists choose when, where and with how many people locally outnumbering you they attack. The strategy would have to be combined with actively going out and seek and destroy the terrorists and their supporters. Keeping the terrorists constantly on the run keeping them from gaining the initiative or concentrating force or using their resources.
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