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Subject: Intelligence/secret service strategies/tactics
FJV    9/3/2003 1:28:37 PM
Part of the war on terror will be waged out of sight of the public view. This means that there would be secret operations, intelligence gathering, covert commando raids etc. What kind of operations should I think of and how would these operations be translated into stragical advantages and victories? Some possible operations that spring immediately to mind are: - Targetted assasinations. - Intel gathering operations. - Spy recruitments. - Air strikes against developing WMD capabilities. - Propaganda undermining hostile regimes. (Just telling te truth about these would be enough) - Staging coups. - Secret commando raids. - Treats, bribery and blackmail of key officials. We've also seen the use of the predator in a targetted assasination. What kind of equipment would likely be used? What units would likely be used besides the SAS (for the British)? Should units be further specialized into defensive counter terrorism units dealing with hostage situations and offensive counter terrorism units specializing in assasinations, and secret commando raids on terrorists?
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SGTObvious    RE:Intelligence/secret service strategies/tactics   9/3/2003 1:43:43 PM
One thing about the cloak and dagger world- you never know what's real and what's not. Last year there was a wave of crashes of military transport aircraft in Islamic nations. Coincidence? Probably. Or has the CIA developed a way to clandestinely and remotely interfere with an aircraft's onboard systems? You have to be careful, though , about going into the fantasy zone- the Arab mentality that says that since scenario A sounds remotely possible, it must be true.
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FJV    RE:Intelligence/secret service strategies/tactics   9/3/2003 1:58:02 PM
Just thought of getting a thread going actually discussing something to to with strategy/tactics. Like comparing the different tactics for dealing with a hostage situation: - Talking until the hostage takers give up volutarily, atleast until the hostage takers start killing. (Used to be standard procedure) - Bursting into the building/area from all possible entries and directions, excluding the main entry and shooting the hostage takers. (Like the SAS did at the Iranian embassy in 1980) - Using a tunnel to assault the terrorists (Like in Peru) - Using gas to assault the terrorists (Like in the theater in Moscow). This seems a very promosing future tactic for dealing with hostage takers who are also suicide bombers.
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FJV    $87 billion   9/9/2003 11:17:16 AM Seems like Bush is aquiring the funds for the next move in the war on terror. $20 billion for reconstruction and $51 billion for military operations. That is 71 billion and leaves 16 billion (some of it surely for secret operations?). Also once the Iraqi oil starts flowing a large part of the rebuilding of Iraq will finance itself and possibly releasing more resources for Bush to use. Also letting other nations take part in Iraq releases some of the burden on the USA and will also release rescources for further steps in the war on terror. Makes me wonder how much military operations one could finance with that kind of money.
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FJV    CIA casualties   10/25/2003 4:01:46 PM Seems that there are 2 CIA casualties in Afghanistan (that they will admit).
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SGTObvious    CIA casualties- FJV   10/27/2003 9:54:29 AM
Every CIA casualty gets a "star" set in the wall at CIA headquarters. Some of the stars have names. Some of these stars are blank. These are the CIA losses that cannot be revealed. In other words, when the CIA loses a man, they honor the sacrifice, even when they cannot discuss the name or circumstances. The star goes up- no explanation, no clue. I wonder how many new blank stars will have appeared on the wall by 2010. Despite my own Army bias, these guys really are the best and brightest of us.
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SGTObvious    Further to my last   10/27/2003 9:56:49 AM
The Wall 80 stars. When I last saw that wall, it was 53 stars, but that was a long time ago.
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__nobody__    RE:Intelligence/secret service strategies/tactics   10/27/2003 2:42:22 PM
Your are kind of dreaming. Intelligence is more about analising thing. Watching and collecting information. Looking up where did the money come from. And so on. Then if you find a iminent threat you call the right people to handle it.
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FJV    RE:Intelligence/secret service strategies/tactics   10/28/2003 12:23:59 PM
Intelligence is more about analising thing. Watching and collecting information. Looking up where did the money come from. And so on. Then if you find a iminent threat you call the right people to handle it. Don't agree. Clandestine operations and assasinations are also a tool of war. Israel uses assasination of key Palestinian terror leaders to disrupt the terrorists organisation structure. The US used assasination to attempt to take out Saddam early in the war. Clandestine operations are also neccesary Terrorists will often cross borders into "neutral" countries and use these countries as a "safe area". Rolling in with tanks roaring and playing Wagner at full volume might result in a full scale war with the up until now "neutral" country. Better take them out silently with a covert operation SAS SEAL, etc. Also if you wait until you find an imminent threat, you are to late as 9/11 demonstrated. You have to find and eliminate EMERGING threats (take them out while the're still small).
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