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Subject: Help!
appleciderus    9/5/2003 8:43:41 PM
I have been looking all evening for a post made by, I thought, ex-pat. Who ever it was that made the post was describing US mistakes worldwide, and especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. Included in the post was the statement that the poppy (opium) business in Afghanistan was as prevalent and prosperous (or more) as it had been before US involvement, and in fact US presence had made a bad situation worse for both the Afghans and the US. ( in available illegal drugs I guess) It was another post describing the futility of US actions in the war on terror. All this as I remember, without being able to refer to the post. I came across the following tonight, from the UK’s “Guardian”: “The prolonged heatwave has devastated crops across Europe, leaving some countries facing their worst harvests since the end of the second world war.” “ast year was the third time in four years that global wheat, rice and maize production failed to meet demand, forcing governments and food companies to release stocks from storage. This week India released 50% of its food stocks, partly as a result of intense heat and then floods in some states.” “he UN figures, released yesterday, mirror those of the world's two leading crop monitors. The US department of agriculture last week cut its forecast for this year's global grain harvest by 32m tonnes, mainly because of Europe's extreme weather. The International Grains Council, an intergovernmental organisation, believes the world harvest will be even lower. “ “Surprisingly, one country that has done better than ever this year is Afghanistan, where the cereal crop will be the largest on record, due in large part to good rainfall and better access to seeds and fertilisers. “ So much for the “chicken little wing waggling the sky is falling in” reports on Afghanistan. Oh yes, we will hear that the opium crop is doing as well, but the detractors fail to realize that also is a sign of stability for the Afghans. No taliban will steal their crop, whatever the crop may be. (These are selected paragraphs from the article, which can be viewed by utilizing the Drudge Report link to the Guardian.)
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Rosecroix    RE:Help!   9/6/2003 3:17:09 AM
actually if there was one good thing the talibans did, it was to seriously cripple the drug trade. NA on the other hand had always use for a coupple of millions extra to buy guns for.
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