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Subject: Two years soon.
Tommy Atkins    9/7/2003 1:17:05 AM
It's difficult to beleive that two years passed so quickly. Last year the anniversary was marked as I recall by some half hearted airport scuffles. This year have AQ got the C3 back after the Afganistan defeat enough to try another shot? What are the bets on likely targets? Football stadiums/Rock concerts are top of my concerns. 30,000 people, none of them armed or protected, in a tight space. Also Games/fun is an abomination unto Allah thus condemming those who attend?
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appleciderus    RE:Two years soon.   9/7/2003 9:49:38 PM
A brief story out of NYC this evening. NYC Fireman Michael Ruggio’s(sp?) family will have a funeral service this week. Michael lost his life in the WTC, and is one of those who has not, or cannot, be identified. Not enough left to perform DNA testing. How can a funeral service take place? It was recently discovered that Michael had submitted a blood sample when he volunteered to be a bone marrow donor. His family will bury that sample in a formal funeral service. I am humbled.
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American Kafir    RE:Two years soon.   9/8/2003 7:17:54 PM
I think the greatest tribute is that America has faith that one day our genetic ID technology will be good enough to identify every piece of remains found in the WTC carnage. In a very bold way, that says we have no doubt that America will continue on.
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