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Subject: Top 10 terror hotspots
Philippine Soldier    9/8/2003 8:21:46 AM
Terror from rebel groups, terrorist groups both local and international. Not including anarchy states such as Somalia and Liberia. 1. Colombia 2. Israel/Palestine 3. Iraq 4. Russia/Chechnya 5. Afghanistan 6. Pakistan 7. Indonesia 8. Philippines 9. India 10. Algeria
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FNC    RE:Top 10 terror hotspots   9/8/2003 12:29:23 PM
Wasn't the US 4th on that list and Britain 10th? Or was that an other list?
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Philippine Soldier    RE:Top 10 terror hotspots   9/9/2003 9:04:59 AM
This list is made by myself from what I know. Maybe you could make a list of your own to show whether we have similar information.
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swhitebull    RE:Top 10 terror hotspots - to PS   9/9/2003 10:21:37 AM
FNC was being facetious swhitebull
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SGTObvious    FNC was not being facetious, bsl   9/9/2003 10:27:27 AM
He was referring to a list of "most likely targets". It's a near certainty that the US and UK will be targetted. Whether those attacks will succeed, or whether they will even be in the US or UK at all is an entirely different matter. US and UK civilians may be targetted in other countries. On the other hand, Indonesia may well be a terrorism hotspot, and Pakistan as well, but neither nation will be a target. Sub-groups within those nations might be targets, like the Pakistani Christians, but not the nation as a whole. So, whether a nations experiences terrorism on its soil or whether it is a target or a hot spot are three different questions.
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FNC    RE:Top 10 terror hotspots - to PS   9/9/2003 10:40:45 AM
A couple of weeks ago, there was a report of the countries where terrrist attacks were most likely to occur within a year. Colombia was on first, Us was 4th an GB 10th. I tought he was refering to that report.
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swhitebull    RE:Top 10 terror hotspots   9/9/2003 6:48:18 PM
i humbly stand corrected swhitebull
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