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Subject: Al-Muhajiroun (British terrorists) update
American Kafir    9/30/2003 5:57:47 PM
An ex-member spills the beans on British Muslim group sending men and money to Pakistani terrorist groups:,00050003.htm And Al-Muhajiroun, the group who recently held a "Magnificent 19" celebration to honor the Sept. 11th hijackers, vehemently denied any association with this talkative ex-member, but went further to threaten the life of anyone else who might betray the group with this fatwa: (from their creepy website) ----- Fatwa Released - 11th September 2003 All praise is for Almighty Allah (swt) the Lord of the worlds. There is no animosity except against the oppressors and occupiers and victory is for the Muttaqeen (the pious). I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, the one who sent his messenger with guidance and the deen of truth to make the whole deen prevail over all others, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His messenger, the slave of Allah, the prophet of mercy and the prophet of war, to whom Allah granted victory terrorising his enemy from one months distance and designated his provision under the shade of his spear and decreed humiliation and destruction for the one who disobeys His orders. After the invasion of Iraq it has become clear for those whether they are closer or further from the region, to discover the hidden agenda of the American government and its alliance: that is, the destruction of Islam and to re-draw the map of the region, which has been manifested in the speech of many American senators who did not keep it secret nor ambiguous. It is natural to hear that the kuffar (non-muslims) fight the believers because the animosity of the kuffar towards the Muslims is an Almighty tradition that will continue as Allah (swt) says: "…And they will never cease fighting you until they turn you back from your deen (Islam) if they can…" [EMQ Surah Baqarah, 2: 217] The wisdom of Allah necessitates that the believers will be tested by the disbelievers, and the disbelievers will be tested by the believers in order for those who will obey him and fight for his sake to prevail. The one who declines and allies with the disbelievers following their path, will be doomed in hellfire, for Allah (swt) says: "If Allah wishes, you will be victorious over them, but in order to test you with others. But those who are killed in the way of Allah, He will never let their deeds be lost." [EMQ Surah Muhammad, 47: 4] Therefore we are not surprised that the disbelievers are planning to destroy Islam and Muslims, because that is one of their main tasks, even though it is impossible because this plot will always be recorded until the day of judgement. Allah (swt) says: "We will test you in order to see who is the Mujahid among you and who are firm …" [EMQ Surah Muhammad, 47: 31] Nobody will argue about the animosity of the disbelievers towards the believers, and their plot against them except the ignorant, those whose opinion is meaningless. However what surprises us is to see the Muslims going astray, misled by those who are impressed with the disbelievers and their plots, but nobody is impressed by the disbelievers but the ignorant. Part of their ignorance and apostasy is that they ally with the disbelievers and join their forces, and their being called 'British Muslim' as members of the British army. They travel all the way, not to liberate Jerusalem but rather in order to turn with the disbelievers to harm Islam and the Muslims, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. Dear Muslims, it has come to our attention that some Muslims have been misled by other defeated deviant Muslims, who request on behalf of the British government, for Muslims to join the British army in their onslaught and crusade against Islam and Muslims. And a similar example for some Muslims in America who have also started to join the US army, and Allah (swt) forbids that, He says: "O Believers, do not take Jews and Christians as an alliance, they are only allies to each other, and whosoever allies with them, he is one of them, and Allah does not guide the oppressors." [EMQ Surah Ma'idah, 5: 51-52] However this alliance with the kuffar (disbelievers) will be one of two, either that they become sinful if they stand with the kuffar, or they become apostate if they engage in fighting against Muslims. Some Muslims in the British and US armies started to participate with them against their Muslim brothers in Afghanistan and Iraq, which is naked aggression against all Muslims, and they are obliged to reject it and resist it, and fight them as a matter of obligation to resist occupation. As for those British Muslims that join the army, they will be apostate, and any one of them that goes to the Muslim countries to fight side-by-side with the UK and US forces against Muslims will become apostate, he is at war with Islam and Muslim, and his life and wealth will have no sanctity. He like the disbelievers is a clear enemy for Islam and Muslims and conse
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Elbandeedo    RE:Al-Muhajiroun (British terrorists) update   10/3/2003 4:40:41 AM
werrry cute and cuddewy... awwww... don't they just need a big hug??? (we could get 'em into one of those compacting garbage bin thingies, that'd give 'em a REAL hug!) ;-) E.
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