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Subject: arafats terrorist sidekicks get translated by MEMRI
Elbandeedo    11/12/2003 9:47:24 AM
Found on Excerpt:In a recent interview posted on the London-based online newspaper Al-Haqa'eq and published in the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah,(1) PA Chairman Yasser Arafat's national security advisor, Colonel Jibril Rjoub, termed the current American administration "fascist." In addition, he called for increased Iraqi opposition to the U.S. occupation and denounced attempts to challenge the authority of Arafat and the PLO. He also expressed hope for a stronger Russia in order to counterbalance the power of the U.S. The following are excerpts from the interview: The U.S. Administration is a Fascist Administration "The American administration is a right-wing, fascist administration controlled by the Zionist right. A group of right-wing fascists is running the administration. For them, the word 'Arabs' arouses anger and triggers nausea and disgust, starting with Dick Cheney and ending with Paul Wolfowitz...I do not believe the American administration desires or is able to forge good relations with the Palestinians or the Arabs because of the right-wing hegemony over its institutions." When asked if he thought Palestinians held some responsibility for the deteriorated relations between the two sides, Rjoub responded, "No, we are a victim, our people is a victim... The Americans are exploiting the balance of power and the fall of the Soviet Union in order to force their conditions and demands on the world in general and on the Middle East in particular." On Arab-U.S. relations, Rjoub said: "The American side is not objective and not realistic. It does not act with a minimum of respect toward the Arabs and their aspirations. It is therefore necessary to develop an Arab [unified] position that consolidates all the Arab energy and options and stands up to the Americans, who act as if they control the world and speak the language of a policeman and the language of the new imperialism..." Regarding the war in Iraq, Rjoub stated: "The American administration did not wage war against Iraq in order to topple Saddam Hussein's [regime]; rather, it did so in order to control Iraq's natural wealth and the entire Middle East, as well as to provide security for Israel and to bolster the eastern front... In my opinion, Arabs must now wake up. Iraqi opposition to the American occupation must be increased." PA - Russian Relations Having recently returned from a visit to Russia, Rjoub elaborated on Palestinian-Russian relations: "Our relations with Russia are excellent. Russia is a key nation in the world, and our hope for it is that it will regain its strength and restore the world's balance of power, such that it will be more involved in regional and international conflicts, including the conflict between ourselves and Israel... We must maintain relations with Russia and Europe and not accept the American monopoly in the Middle East." The Geneva Accords Rjoub sidestepped a question regarding the official PA stance on the Geneva Understandings. He called it an "unofficial initiative" and said it was the right of any group of Palestinian people to hold unofficial talks with Israelis or anyone else. However, cautioned Rjoub, any such group must remember that "the national source of authority for the Palestinian people is the PLO that has the sole right to conduct negotiations." PA and the Islamic Opposition Rjoub remarked that "the contacts with every political Palestinian group, including Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, have not ended, and they will never end. These forces are part of the Palestinian people, and they are part of the national liberation movement. They are active and important cells in the Palestinian political and social fabric." /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// When will the moronic libero-facist left finally admit they ARE WRONG!?? The war on terror, of which the war in iraq is only one front, is a righteous war. I only regret we don't have the stomache to wage it like it needs to be waged - full nuclear destruction of ALL islamic countries, one after the other, until they recant their mad rantings and join the rest of the planet in something resembling civilized society. You can't cure a mad dog - you have to kill it. it's a mercy. raving lunatics who spread their madness across the globe cannot be reasoned with and will not hear truth. Make 'em glow baby. There is not one thing the arabs/muslims have that is worth a single drop of American or Allied blood to own. E.
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bombard    RE:arafats terrorist sidekicks get translated by MEMRI   11/20/2003 10:18:12 AM
Fool's gold.
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Final Historian    RE:arafats terrorist sidekicks get translated by MEMRI   11/20/2003 11:54:02 AM
? Sorry, don't get the response. As for what Elbandeedo said, using nuclear weapons to sterlize the ME is premature. We don't know if Reform will work or not yet, so now is not the time. The way to deal with the Pali terrorists is to cut off their funding, without that, they can't do anything serious. In which case Israel can afford to pull out of certain areas.
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appleciderus    Fools Gold?   11/20/2003 6:34:12 PM
How "Liberally" clever of you.
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