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Subject: How is it going??
Thomas    11/26/2003 8:17:39 AM
I've been thinking: 1. With the exception of 911 all reacent terrorist attack have been carried out in places where human life (and labour) is cheap: Indonesia, Phillipines, Turkey and so on. 2. Carbombers and other similar types are really just precision guided munition: Ali is cheaper than a PC and associated software. 3. The "succesfull" attempts seem to be outweighed 2 to 1 by foiled attempts, that is those that get in the papers. So the terrorist expenditure of PGM must exhausting stocks. They use PGM at places where nobody else would, say Indonesia, due to lack of worthwhile targets. 4. There seem to be a tendency to have attacks, where someting is done about the problem - Turkish police seem to be hot on the heels of some of their tormentors - at least they are arresting people left, right and center. Is that because the "bombers" feel the breath of the police in the neck, and have nowhere to go?? Question: When are we going to se a trailing off of these attacks? Because I don't think there will be a sudden stop, but a slow petering out. Just a thought.
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appleciderus    PGM   11/26/2003 3:05:27 PM
IMHO, there is an inexhaustable supply of PGM's because it will always be easier to recruit uneducated islamic fundmentalists to jihad,(and paradise) than it will be to to change the culture they are raised in. Unless a change in culture is effected, terrorism will be perpetual.
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Thomas    RE:PGM   11/27/2003 7:47:02 AM
I am not so sure. Such phenomena seem to be a fashion. Without other comparison, as Göthes book "Die Leiden des jungen Werters" was published, there was a wave of suicides (emulating the main character) due to unrequited love. There have been christian sects, that refused sex in any shape or form - they died out.
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appleciderus    Laughing out loud.   11/27/2003 9:41:23 AM
The "Shaker" Community suffered such a fate, since it grew only by conversion. As economic conditions improved, and Government instituted safety net programs for the less fortunate, conversions dropped dramatically. The phenomenon of "copy cat" killings clearly demonstrates your point, however, IMHO, fundamental islam has an inexhaustible supply of PMG volunteers. I hope I am wrong.
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Thomas    RE:appleciderus    12/3/2003 1:32:45 AM
Yes, but try and look in it the other way round: If suicide bombers is a fashion statement, then it will pass out of fashion.
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