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Subject: Flag
Basher    12/4/2003 5:53:15 PM
I have been concerned about the increasing support for the September 11th terrorist organisations in the U.K, my country. Bear in mind that on September 11th 2003 that the islamic militant celebration of the carnage of the original September 11th went TOTALLY unchallenged. The government does not care about suppressing viewpoints with which they disagree. Freedom of expression here is becoming an oddity. A man was jailed for five years for calling a woamn a "paki" which is the same sentence recieved by another man who RAPED a thirteen month old girl. The islamic militants in Finnsbury park mosque were allowed their "Magnificent 19" posters, therefore, the government AGREE with the militants.
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Final Historian    RE:Flag   12/4/2003 10:25:29 PM
I would hope that you guys on the other side of the pond would take care of this on your own. I know the socialist/transi forces are strong in England, but you aren't France and should be able to resist. You held off Napolean and Hitler, these bozos should be much easier to deal with. Of course, you have to recognize them as bozos to begin with...
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Basher    RE:Flag   12/5/2003 10:31:23 AM
Hitler and Napolean were forces from outside the country. Such menaces are far far easier to deal with than internal problems. The neo-Communist Labour party welcomes immigrants with very prescriptive and militant outlooks, because with them as citizens, the far left ideal of bland uniformity is the ideal compromise. At present though, the Islamic population could well in a few decades, outnumber the indigenous population. In districts such as Bradford which are mostly Muslim asian, the Muslims do not allow non-Islamic worship or customs for the remainder of the host population, who are dispossessed in their OWN country. I think we are seeing an end to England forever and a commencement of a brutal Islamic state unless there is a Deus ex Machina of some sort.
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American Kafir    RE:Flag   12/5/2003 11:46:48 AM
Perhaps a celebration of past bus and car bombings in London by pro-IRA Brits would wake people up over there.
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Final Historian    RE:Flag   12/5/2003 1:34:11 PM
Maybe. I think that to combat this threat Britain needs another Winston Churchill, someone who is willing to say what needs to be said, and take the flack for saying it. Once the muslim radicals start acting up, the British people will realize whats happening and things can finally start to change.
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Basher    RE:Flag   12/5/2003 1:55:40 PM
I think the problem goes even deeper than the Muslims. The Socialists are themselves a regime incompatible with a peaceful and prosperous world. The Muslims have been changing our laws in very nasty ways. It is now illegal for the police to interfere with them. In Birmingham they have this organisation called "the lethal Pakistani brigade" which sexually assaults young white girls, regularly attacks non-Muslim children and on November 21st 2003, tried to kill a pregnant woman on the street. The police watched and did nothing. Only passers by interveined. The story only got mentioned in the local rag. The organised media blackouts by the government have a great effect in stultifying those of the population whose gut instincts would be AGAINST terrorism. In Keighley they have a similair organisation, where they organise frequently the drugging and gang raping of girls, some as young as twelve, whom they view as culturally and racially inferior. The Muslim community leader said that "asian on white is acceptable," and pointed out that the Koran says something about it being lawful to harass idolaters. As a rule the asians get the best of everything. This means that any of them can be granted political assylum at great cost to the tax payer: Al-Quaeda members, Iraqi militants, whatever, they are all accepted, whilst a few weeks ago, a young British orphan girl was turned out onto the streets because there was no room for her in the hostel. It is a bleak future that rushes towards us. To make any change would require a full scale rebellion from the host population. The situation has become absurd, like Israel, worse even than Nothern Ireland.
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Basher    RE:Flag   12/5/2003 2:00:52 PM
A Labour MP did indeed criticise the terrorists after an Islamic terrorist organisation organised by England raised Muslims was uncovered in Gloucester last week. The Muslims demanded that he be forced to resign and he was!
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IronSeeker    RE:Flag   12/5/2003 2:30:43 PM
Is what Basher is saying true? If so this seems to be VERY VERY IMPORTANT. What is going on? There are some big brains here, somebody do something! Here are my suggestions, and I know these seem extreme but either I'm missing something or this is SERIOUS!! Suggestions: Send in some Spec Ops to take out these gangs. Mass arrest those who preach hate, restrict entry of certain groups to, oh say, either zero or none a year, and de-PC-ify (should be a word) the legal system. Ok so why can't this be done? If Blair is getting so much crap over Iraq, is there any chance of keeping a non-muslim england?
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Basher    RE:Flag   12/5/2003 2:56:43 PM
I will find you the links in order to prove it. I don't know if anyone follows U.K. news at all, but the Keighley sex ring was busted wide open by Channel Four. Local authorities kept it under wraps, but Channel Four investigated and flushed them out. I would have thought it would be fairly well known. Blunkett's absued "race edict" says that a police man can be sacked for "offending" a Muslim. Be sure that it is ALWAYS the Muslims who milk these double standards to their very limits. It has become so absurd that they have even made themselves felt in matters of the work place. They are now allowed to complain if a colleague smells of alcohol! (Some point in the Koran says that they should not have to put up with this.) An afro-Carribean friend of mine said that it should be possible to complain about their revolting "Halaal" preparation of animals (they dissect them alive before preparing them as meat). Links to come, hopefully. Does anyone have trouble with the Leicester BBC link that I posted? Basically, the Muslim asians in Leicester were complaining about a British-American man hoisting the U.S. flag in rememberance of the victims of September 11th. Local authorities ordered him to drop it in order to quieten them, but he bravely refused. The "Magnificent Nineteen" Posters are allowed.
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Basher    RE:Flag   12/5/2003 3:41:18 PM
Further links: The Muslims can demand that schools become Islamic, even if some of the indigenous population attend them: As if their being allowed to break the bigamy laws isn't insulting enough! The girl who would have been homeless under our regime, whilst Islamic terrorist groups are funded by the taxpayer: And another case of an England raised Muslim being a practising terrorist. The BBC are very biased in their reporting. Did the parents really say that? Hmmm... Birmingham link seems to be out of date, but the organisation of Islamic militants are from the local "Solihul College," white girls are now forbidden to go anywhere near there: it is a no go area for those the Muslims are hostile to.
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Final Historian    I am afraid   12/5/2003 5:38:39 PM
After reading those articles Basher, I don't know what to think. All I know is that I am afraid. I would expect that from France, and not England. I don't know your political affiliations, nor care to ask, but something must be done. I am personnaly not hostile to immigration, but when it comes to Islam and Muslims, I am of a different mind. There are too many Muslims out there trying to create a caliphate for my taste, and I would be very careful about letting that demographic group in. The worst part is that the British populace isn't armed, which means you have no legitimate means of defending yourself. So unless something is done, and quickly, the black flag of jihad will be flying over a capital yet again.
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