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Subject: France fights terrorism?
American Kafir    12/28/2003 10:52:44 AM
Our "ally" (cough cough) in the war on terrorism botched a major opportunity...
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evlstu    RE:France fights terrorism?   12/28/2003 11:55:26 PM
What do you expect from the french...competence?
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American Kafir    RE:France fights terrorism?   12/29/2003 7:14:40 AM
"What do you expect from the french...competence" Actually, I expect from the French something on the order of $15 trillion plus interest, for the cost of liberating them from the Germans in both World Wars, and the continued protection under NATO throughout the Cold War up until today. Barring that, I'll settle for French counterterrorism experts that don't make Inspector Clouseau look like a freakin' genius.
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SGTObvious    Could not have said it better myself:   12/29/2003 8:01:31 AM
Roland Jacquard, French security official: "We are not at the Operational Stage". THAT, Mssr Jacquard, is exactly what I was thinking. Please let us know when France becomes operational.
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Elbandeedo    RE:France fights terrorism?   1/2/2004 6:44:12 AM
:::punching the air::: Woof Woof! You go france! Atta boy! don't let ANYONE mistake ANYTHING a frenchman does for an act using any semblance of intelligence! E.
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swift99    RE:France fights terrorism?   1/3/2004 4:51:32 AM
Remember that it was France tried to point the "Afgahn Connection" out to us well before September 11th. We also botched intelligence responses when the roles were reversed, and we are not in posession of all of the facts. The fact that a terrorist attack did not occur is sufficient for me right now (although I wish we could have nailed the bastards).
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swift99    RE:France fights terrorism?   1/3/2004 4:52:27 AM
I can't spell ... happy new year all anyways.
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evlstu    RE:France fights terrorism?   1/3/2004 10:50:41 AM
Its one thing to make mistakes. Its a completely different thing to avoid dealing with terrorism and to actively hender those that are trying to deal with terrorism as a matter of state policy.
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