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Subject: Time for the French to re-Evaluate.
SGTObvious    1/5/2004 10:38:12 AM
A previously unknown Islamic group, Ansar al-Haq (based in Yemen) has claimed responsibility for the destruction of the airliner off Egypt. I doubt they did it. I think it is more probable that they are merely taking credit for an unfortunate accident involving an airline with a poor safety reputation. (Banned from Swiss airspace!) But, here is the point. Ansar al-Haq WANTS the credit. That means that politically, they SUPPORT the death of French Tourists. It is only a short walk from WANTING and SUPPORTING to CAUSING. Onegus, ToC, others, take note: You hate Bush, you hate us. But the Islamicists want to KILL YOU. They want YOU DEAD. Maybe they hate the US more, and they hate Israel more than the US, but it is only a matter of degree. Western Success MOCKS the primitive squalor of Islam, and they hate ALL OF IT. They would be very happy to see the Eiffel Tower fall and the Louvre burn. Maybe you should turn your hatred towards the enemy? Bush does not want you dead, Ansar al-Haq does. Wake up. It is long past time for the French to realize whose side they should be on. Maybe the US is arrogant and aggressive, but we are defending WESTERN civilization, we are on YOUR side whether you like it or not. If a Islamic terror group wants credit for killing you today, what will they want tommorow? France, Germany, join the West, do not abandon it. There will be difficult times ahead. Our civilization is also yours. OK, how long before some nutcase comes up with "proof" that Bush caused the airliner to crash to create French support for the War on Terror? ?
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American Kafir    RE:Time for the French to re-Evaluate.   1/5/2004 8:28:57 PM
I have gone beyond regretful disappointment that France has positioned itself as a barrier to the American war on terrorism. I am not sad that France will not help us. France desrves neither our friendship, nor our respect. In fact, it is becoming ever much an insult that France speaks to America without respect, much less without permission. France wants to find a "diplomatic" solution to terrorism. Fine. Let them talk to our swords as we advance to kill terrorists. Let there be no mistake. Any French life we save by killing terrorists is merely incidental and accidental.
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