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Subject: In trouble for telling it like it is
Elbandeedo    1/8/2004 6:42:14 AM
From the Scotsman online Kilroy-Silk Faces Probe over Anti-Arab Comments - full article By Anthony Barnes, Showbusiness Editor, PA News TV presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk could be investigated by police after expressing scathing views on Arabs. He questioned what Arabs had given to the world and referred to them as “suicide bombers, limb amputators, women repressors” in a newspaper column. The former MP will also face a BBC probe in to how his position as a Sunday paper columnist fits with his on-screen appearances. Kilroy-Silk, 61, hosts a daily discussion show for BBC1 which is produced by his own company and had a short-lived career as an ITV quiz host. His article appeared at the weekend under the headline “We Owe Arabs Nothing”. Talk about a police state: Apparently you can't have freedom of speech unless you are a flaming-moron hyper-facsistic liberal. E.
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Jay    RE:In trouble for telling it like it is   1/8/2004 10:49:15 AM
Truth be told E., they really don't have freedom of speech in Magna Britannia any more. This is hardly not the first case there of a criminal investigation being filed for so-called "offensive speech." And as of last year there was legislation pending in the EU to make even any internet comments which so much as "offend" anybody a crime. I have a couple of friends who are members of London's constabulary who tell me that the muslim lobby in the UK is very powerful and the politicians are quite cowed by them. Sad to see this happening to the same people who wrote the Magna Carta, they deserve much better.
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American Kafir    RE:In trouble for telling it like it is   1/8/2004 7:58:21 PM
But doesn't keeping copies of texts and intellectual treasures from stolen ancient Greek sources after ransacking Western Civilization count for something? The man should give the Arabs some credit, for all the bragging they do of taking care of the nice things they stole.
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Zerbrechen    RE:In trouble for telling it like it is   1/9/2004 2:11:09 AM
You mean like the thousand year-old Budda statues in Afghanistan?
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Basher    RE:In trouble for telling it like it is   1/21/2004 9:43:05 AM
It's worse than that, you can get in trouble for criticising Ossama bin Laden - a prison officer of 21 years experience was fired for that reason. How about this: Any regime that would try to tear families apart is perverse. That is an obvious definition of a cult. It makes people choose between itself and their families. The asian first rules apply in the U.S. with the so called "affirmative action," but here, even toddlers are treated as thought criminals. The term "liberal" does not really lend itself to repressive regimes. What we have in the UK today is sort of a conbination of neo-communist rule and increasing muslim dominance. The McPherson report says that people can now be arrested for what they say in their OWN homes! It has become a crime to link uncontrolled immigration with terrorism, even though it is perfectly obvious that it is the muslim asian britons who cause the most trouble in terms of international terrorism. I don't know if you followed the case of Labour MP Denis Shane who was fired for telling British Muslims to choose between peaceful coexistence over terrorism? The only true democracy was the original system with power at local levels. Westminster has taken the executive power onto itself and Labour councils worl behind closed doors. The politicians shouldn't get paid either. The system has formed an elite of self-serving career politicians who will impose their views contrary to the wishes of the majority population. In a truly democratic society, the muslims would not have arrived here.
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Basher    RE:In trouble for telling it like it is   1/21/2004 10:21:02 AM The muslim lobby is so powerful that it is forbidden to even criticise bin Laden. Forget Iraq and Afghanistan, the UK is the real threat. I have already posted this in the Flag thread. It seems you missed it there. Not only are the muslims allowed to break the bigamy laws, but they are even able to change schools which contain some of the indigenous population. They are concerned about secular teaching - why don't they go back to their Islamic states? Because their agenda is to stop at nothing to make earth a totalitarian Hell-hole, just like they did to Persia. But isn't it great that al-quaeda members, Iraqi militants etc can be accomodated at taxpayers' expense in facilities with gyms and every other luxury, and given lottery grants to manufacture semtex and poison gas? Remember that it is illegal to talk about muslim terrorists. Britain is in a state of "high alert," as a direct result of muslim immigration, but to say this could result in a prison sentence of up to seven years... On September 11th 2003, young Islamic militants, of like mind to the boy in the article, openly celebrated the carnage of September 11th 2001 in London, Manchester, Bradford, Luton, Oldham, Keighley and the other areas where they are prolific. The indigenous population in these areas, indeed, all non-muslims (but normally non-asians) must suffer brutal attacks and atrocities as daily occurrence, indeed, in areas with high muslim concentrations, the final vestiges of the indigenous population have to conform to their standards exactly in order to survive. Without a Deus ex Machina, Islam will conquer the world.
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