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Subject: Too bizarre to explain
SGTObvious    1/14/2004 8:20:50 AM
Compare the images on these two Google Searches: Coincidence?
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Final Historian    RE:Too bizarre to explain   1/14/2004 12:00:58 PM
So who's Sauron then?
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Elbandeedo    RE:Too bizarre to explain   1/14/2004 12:17:46 PM
allah the moongod. E.
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evlstu    RE:Too bizarre to explain   1/14/2004 12:52:40 PM
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Condor Legion    RE:Too bizarre to explain   1/14/2004 7:00:26 PM
Does this mean that Arafat is Gollum? THE PRECIOUS, CL.
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Ex98C    RE:Too bizarre to explain   1/14/2004 8:28:04 PM
hmmm Chirac as Wormtounge?
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Final Historian    RE:Too bizarre to explain   1/14/2004 9:06:20 PM
I can see an image forming...
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Basher    RE:Too bizarre to explain   1/20/2004 6:36:03 PM
The Private Eye commented on how these two look alike, some Sheikh and Christopher Lee as Saruman.
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cowboy caesar    RE:Too bizarre to explain   3/21/2004 8:51:06 PM
Saruman's gone to meet the big guy in the sky.
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swhitebull    Yassin is Toasted by IAF - turned into Shish Kabob   3/21/2004 8:52:23 PM
Report: Hamas leader Yassin killed in IAF strike in Gaza City By The Associated Press GAZA CITY - Israel Airforce helicopters fired missiles at Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin''s car as it left his house for a mosque at daybreak Monday, residents said, and mosque loudspeakers said he was killed. Ambulances raced to the scene, and mosques in the area amplified the sound of Quranic verses, as announcements were made calling Yassin a "martyr," meaning he had been killed. Gunfire was heard in the Sabra neighborhood where Yassin lives Israel has been carrying out an offensive in the Gaza Strip against Hamas militants since a double suicide bombing attack in the port of Ashdod on March 14. The attack, which killed 10 Israelis, was carried out by two Palestinians who infiltrated into Israel from Gaza swhitebull
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swhitebull    RE:Yassin is Toasted by IAF - turned into Shish Kabob   3/21/2004 8:55:18 PM
Im watching it on FOX- its confirmed!
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