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Subject: AQ/iran conspiracy!??! nahhhhh... German terror trial info/links
Elbandeedo    1/22/2004 6:34:51 AM
Excerpt: Terror trial witness links Iran to 9/11 Yahoo! News (Chicago Tribune) On what had been the eve of his widely expected acquittal, the trial of the second person charged by German authorities as an accomplice of the Sept. 11 hijackers was thrown into turmoil Wednesday after prosecutors disclosed the existence of a surprise witness purporting to link Iran to the hijackings. The mysterious witness, who goes by the name Hamid Reza Zakeri and claims to have been a longtime member of the Iranian intelligence service, is said to have told German investigators that the Sept. 11 plot represented what one termed a "joint venture" between the terrorist group Al Qaeda and the Iranian government. Sources familiar with Zakeri's story, greeted with skepticism by some German intelligence officials, say he also implicates the defendant, a 31-year-old Moroccan and former student named Abdelghani Mzoudi, as a knowledgeable participant in the hijacking plot. The full story can be found at Disscusion point: Is this yayhoo trying to save his own bacon by concocting a really outragious story; is this yayhoo just following bin ladens prme directive, to get islam and the west to a point of all-out war by sucking iran into the mix (by giving the U.S. reason for nuking iran, or invading - i prefer the nuke option.) Thoughts? I think we are the target, via the media, of a massive PSYOP with the desired effect to further incite the world to a more violent and pervasive war between islam and the "west". Still, just to be safe, we COULD nuke iran. no one would miss it, except some carpet dealers... ;-) E.
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Final Historian    RE:AQ/iran conspiracy!??! nahhhhh... German terror trial info/links   1/22/2004 11:52:20 AM
There is no need to nuke Iran. Most of the Iranian people hate the Mullahs, and not the US. All we have to do is bomb the Mullahs, their homes, and their thugs, and let the people of Iran take care of the rest. A mean, we may need to use a few neutron bombs on large concentrations of troops loyal to the Mullahs, but thats it. Really, they are not that radical. And they Don't like Arabs(or Pakistanis). Perfect allies if you ask me.
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Jay    RE:AQ/iran conspiracy!??! nahhhhh... German terror trial info/links   1/22/2004 10:05:36 PM
I have to think the Iranians aren't in on it. Not because they wouldn't like to be, but just because their government's too stupid and inept to cover it up for this long.
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American Kafir    RE:AQ/iran conspiracy!??! nahhhhh... German terror trial info/links   1/23/2004 7:52:32 AM
We do know Iran had a part in the bombing of US Marines in Beirut, and the Khobar Towers bombing. What's enough?
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