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Subject: How European Countries are Fighting back against the Loss of their Cultures to the Islamic Invasion
swhitebull    1/29/2004 8:40:40 PM
Good, if sonewhat slanted, article, from FrontPage, INCLUDING a slam against the Muslim Imam who wrote a do-it-yourself helpbook on how to beat your wife. Geez, I should have posted this on the Saudi page, as a follow-up to beating your wife today! Europe Resisting Islam's Dark Ages By Alexis Amory | January 28, 2004 Long a sea of tolerance that provided a buoyant platform for Muslim immigrants to preach a fundamentalist agenda, Europe seems only now to be waking up to the threat posed by some Muslims intent on bending their host societies to suit themselves. The original intention, particularly in Britain and France, which admitted large numbers of citizens of their former colonies after granting them independence, was that Muslim immigrants to European shores would assimilate. Many did. But many primitive thinkers flooded into Europe only to be shocked by the enlightened society they encountered. Some groups developed an agenda of imposing their old ways and their religion on their host societies. In the name of “tolerance”, most societies in the West have done their best to accommodate these malcontents – mostly in defiance of the wishes of their own citizens. Now, the tide is turning. France has just set the cat among the pigeons by announcing a forthcoming ban on the wearing of the hijab (headscarf) in the classroom. [Front Page Magazine January 23 ’04 issue.] In many areas ringing the large industrial cities in France, the Muslim population outnumbers the native French, and there is a perception that wearing the hijab is an act of aggression against the host society. Chirac himself, in a moment of rare candor, called it such. Member of the Senate Jacques Myard, of Chirac’s conservative party, is quoted as saying, “We are facing a genuine political policy that tries to enforce their own Sharia Law on the civil law which is not acceptable." Eschewing nuance, he also said, “A lot of Muslim girls say that they wear the headscarf freely. But, in fact … in most cases, [they’re] motivated by religious fundamentalists and if you give them just a bit of a finger they will eat up your arm up to the elbow. So we have to be strict and very adamant - and say this is the way things are in France." Seventy per cent of the French electorate have said amen to that and many moderate Muslims are fully in accord, some of them vocally so. The first international figure to vocalize the threat of fundamentalism to his own country was Holland’s Pym Fortuyn, a flamboyant millionaire businessman turned politician. Holland had long been the ne plus ultra of a tolerant, libertarian society preaching a multicultural message that was not necessarily endorsed by its citizenry. Despite the “tolerance” required of the Dutch themselves, the Muslim immigrants were granted special rights and favors that did nothing to encourage assimilation. The government encouraged immigrant children to speak Turkish, Arabic or Berber in primary schools rather than insisting they learn in Dutch. Funding was provided for “ethnic diversity projects”, including 700 Islamic clubs that were sometimes grabbed as showcases by radical clerics. Assimilation? Forget it! Even now, 30 years later, between 70 and 80 per cent of Dutch-born members of immigrant families import their spouse from their “home” country, mostly Turkey or Morocco, perpetuating a fast-growing Muslim subculture in large cities, according to London’s Daily Telegraph. This means Dutch Muslim men are rejecting Muslim women born in Holland and trawling for someone more ignorant and more obedient from their “home” country. The ones marrying female Dutch-born Muslims are foreign males who pay the girl’s family to use marriage as a ticket into the West . Fortuyn played a strong hand. A homosexual with a multi-hued history of amours, and with a deputy party leader who was not just black, but an immigrant, the left couldn’t credibly accuse him of racism. He was the first to understand that the rigid and conservative immigrants, who kept themselves apart, wished to demolish the freedoms and tolerance of which Holland was so proud and were thus a threat to Dutch liberal society. He spoke to the fears of a large number of the Dutch who had kept quiet for fear of being branded “racist”. Within a scant three months of forming his conservative party, which called for a moratorium on all immigration until those already in situ were assimilated, the party had already laid claim to 26 of Holland’s 150 seats. Had he lived, it is likely that he would have won the upcoming election and been Holland’s prime minister today. But he was murdered almost two years ago – ironically, by a leftie animal rights activist, although what animal rights had to do with anything was never explained. So great was the sense of loss, that Fortuyn’
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Basher    RE:How European Countries are Fighting back against the Loss of their Cultures to the Islamic Invasi   1/31/2004 12:37:22 PM
Most of the muslims in Britain are not even from former British colonies. There is no need for any third world immigration into Europe, but importing an obviously hostile element is lunacy. A doctrine based on a Medieval style theocracy that preaches exclusivity and violence is a PROBLEM and NOT a culture. The only way to stop Islam from conquering the world would be decisive military action against them - as in the Middle Ages and the 18th century. Mass importing muslims and pandering to their every whim is merely building the fire and getting in the pot, the result - we're all cooked.
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