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Subject: Did you know Terrorism support of Germany??!
amocpower    2/4/2004 8:10:17 AM
Really German have many connect with Islamic terrorist! They are many group in German. Forexample : Hizbullah, AFIC etc. I send many letter to German government and send so information about(included names). What they do, ignore. I hope to find any way help CIA to expose it!! P.S. : I'm muslim and not all muslims are terorist!
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Thomas    RE:Did you know Terrorism support of Germany??!   2/4/2004 9:12:20 AM
Let me put it like this: An intelligence service recieving information of your nature will never EVER report back, there is no reason to do so - and it might endanger ongoing operations, the mere possibility of such a risk in any connection is sufficient reason for seeming inactivity. This does not mean, that your information is not noticed or investigated; but it means they are under no obligation. You will NEVER know if YOUR information has been instrumental in catching a terrorist. You have done your duty as a responsible citizen. Period.
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Final Historian    RE:Did you know Terrorism support of Germany??!   2/4/2004 12:12:15 PM
amocpower, we know that not all Muslims are terrorist. And we already knew that Germany had problems with terror groups. Your info helps confirm this though. And Thomas is right, your information might have been extremely valuable, but you will never know. That is just the way the intelligence world works. You seem to be new, so welcome to StrategyPage. New members are always welcome.
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