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Subject: Terrorist Rap Video
ex-expat    2/12/2004 1:02:15 PM
Take your pick, subject matter or bad rap music - it is disturbing. Especially the 10-15 year old audience it is probably intended for.
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TriggaFingaz    Corruption of hip hop by the Enemy   2/18/2004 6:27:02 PM
I'm not gonna waste my time downloading hate songs by the Enemy's supporters. REAL hip hop artists should take note and counter such Islamist-fascist drivel. Make sure there is no discrimination against any religious or racial group, but plenty of cartoons/animations of OBL and friends being pounded to dust by JDAMS or roasted by napalm should be diverting.
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xementalist    RE:Terrorist Rap Video    2/25/2004 10:21:20 AM
as an brit ex pat , i'd comment that this was a symptom of a larger problem . richard reid ,omar sheik , the guantanamo brits, abu hamza e.t.c british born children of pakistanis[reid wasn't pakistani/british]seem to be drawn to the extremism of abu hamza and his cohorts. one could suggest the racism in england as a factor though one would also have to point out the middle class backgrounds of so many of these british jihadists. my guess is the cultural void of being pakistani in britain but british in pakistan leads many of these young men to a position of trying to prove thier pakistaniness , thier sense of belonging by assuming the extreme islamic pseudo nationalist mantle. ie they are trying to be more pakistani than the pakistanis [in thier twisted veiw ] really it is a problem within the british asian communities that they have failed to tackle . many of the older generation left the sub continent witnessing or running from communal conflicts and now these same tensions are emerging in thier children [note the fighting in west london between rival muslim and sheik street gangs ] the connect to african american rap in this context is obvious the shared identity questioning and the identifying with oppresion this video is part of something that you could trace back 10 years to aki nawaz's fun da mental [the british asian public enemy !!!!!!!]it's not new
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