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Subject: Islamo Fascism is Alive and Well - At UC Berkeley - NO SURPRISE There
swhitebull    2/16/2004 1:07:46 PM
This is what happened to Professor Daniel Pipes, when he was invited to speek at this university of tolerance, proving the point of his whole speech. Those who dont' want the truth told scream the loudest when confronted with it. Nice place of tolerance at the birthplace of the free speech movement. Fascism at Berkeley By Cinnamon Stillwell | February 16, 2004 If reaction to Daniel Pipes’ lecture on Tuesday (2/10) was any indication, fascism is alive and well at UC Berkeley. Pipes was invited by the Israel Action Committee and Berkeley Hillel to speak at the college campus known for its leftist politics. But ironically, the home of ''free speech'' and ''tolerance'' has shown itself to be distinctly intolerant to those who express political views other than their own. And Daniel Pipes happens to fit that description. Pipes is director of the Middle East Forum, a member of the U.S. Institute of Peace, and a columnist for the New York Sun and the Jerusalem Post. But most importantly, he is pro-America, pro-Israel, and one of the foremost strategists of our time when it comes to the threat of militant Islam. All of these combined make Daniel Pipes public enemy number one according to UC Berkeley leftists and especially radical Muslim students. Indeed, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) was out in full force on Tuesday, acting like the thugs and bullies they routinely accuse Pipes of supporting. There were about 50-70 of them, amidst a crowd of 700, and after failing to prevent Pipes from speaking, they did their best to try and disrupt the lecture and intimidate the audience. Pipes had anticipated problems beforehand and had warned supporters that the Muslim Student Association was planning to make an appearance. They had posted an announcement about the lecture at the leftist website, raving that a ''Zionist'' was coming to town, and exhorting members to show up. In fact, the lecture was moved to another site on campus to accomodate a larger audience, but the MSA students still managed to sniff it out. Outside the lecture a crowd of them were gathered, along with sympathetic leftists, many carrying the types of signs and slogans that have become all too familiar in recent years. Signs equating Zionism with Nazism, for instance. Others presented Pipes’ quotes out of context in order to smear him. Then there was the guy who shows up at all Bay Area leftist events in an Uncle Sam outfit with a sign saying ''Israel Wants You to Die for Her.'' Another nut-job hovered near the entrance shouting to anyone who would listen about how Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. ''were against Zionism.'' The Berkeley Police Department was out in full force, as were a private security team. People going inside were frisked three times and had their bags searched thoroughly as well. And a sign on the door warned that no banners, signs, shouting, or violence would be allowed. Yet all of this seemed rather futile because any and all were welcomed into the lecture, including the protesting MSA students and the guy screaming about Gandhi. The event was meant to be free and open to the public, but there’s a point at which this type of inclusiveness becomes counter-productive. It was clear from the get-go that the protesters intended to try to disrupt the event, and once inside, that’s exactly what they did. It began as soon as Pipes stepped up to the podium. In fact, before he’d spoken one word, someone had to be escorted outside because he wouldn’t calm down. Then jeering, giggling, hissing, booing, and finally, the orchestrated chanting of ''racist'' and ''Zionist,'' (among other things) starting drowning out the lecture. However, the rest of the audience gave as good as it got and the event turned into a shouting and clapping match between Muslims and Jews. The tension in the air was thick, tempers were rising, and yet amidst it all, Pipes kept his cool. He managed to deliver his lecture, which covered the War on Terrorism, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Iraq, but he was forced to stop many times. Pipes spoke directly to the protesters on several occasions, pointing out the irony of their undemocratic behavior, as well as mentioning casually that it is only when he speaks at college campuses that he requires such heavy security. He even brought up the fact that members of the MSA are currently under investigation for possible ties to terrorism. Their reaction to his speech was telling. When Pipes brought up the need to support moderate Muslims over those who subscribe to militant Islam, they booed. When he brought up the need to improve the status of women in Islamic countries, they booed. When he warned that peace in the Middle East would never be achieved as long as the Palestinians continued to subscribe to a ''cult of death,'' they booed. When he mentioned Middle East Studies professors who have been arrested under ter
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Shirrush    RE:Islamo Fascism is Alive and Well - At UC Berkeley - NO SURPRISE There   2/16/2004 1:46:12 PM
Uncanny! I was just through reading your posting, and there goes the Israeli TV Channel 1 with a film on the Concordia-Montreal mob event of Sep. 18th, 2002!
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swhitebull    The Pipes Speech   2/16/2004 8:01:22 PM
This is a summary of Pipes' speech: The Pipes Speech By Lee Kaplan | February 16, 2004 Daniel Pipes, the Harvard educated Middle East scholar and expert on Islam, appeared at UC Berkeley on February 10th and delivered a strong message to an audience of over 700 people: support Israel and the US in the Middle East here at home and realize we are in a state of war. Pipes’ appearance at UC Berkeley marked a bellwether in the War On Terror since the oldest UC campus is one of the worst in the nation for Palestinian propaganda against Israel and US foreign policy. The divestment campaign against Israel started at Cal Berkeley, and the campus hosted the first of the anti-Semitic Palestine Solidarity Conferences where exhortations to murder Jews have been made. Plans are to bring the next conference back there again this year. Even the local campus Jewish organization, Hillel, had developed a habit of bringing in Leftist groups or speakers constantly attacking Israel and US policy in Iraq until its leadership acquiesced to pressure from the Jewish community to bring speakers like Daniel Pipes to campus to give a more balanced—and accurate—view of the Middle East situation and how it has affected US education. The Leftist culture that has defined Berkeley and stifled true debate about the Middle East before this event faded away as Pipes, who is also the President’s recent appointee to the United States Institute For Peace, cut through all the propaganda on campus and put the crisis in the Middle East into clear perspective. Listening to him, one can understand why The Boston Globe once wrote that, "If Pipes' admonitions had been heeded, there might never have been a 9/11." [1] Pipes’ message was that if there is ever to be peace in the Middle East, all diplomacy and negotiations must stop until the Palestinians agree to renounce violence and put a halt to terrorism. Touching on the issue of “settlements,” Pipes said they are really communities misnamed in the propaganda war and called them a “political triviality” that was being used to obscure the real problem in the Middle East: the refusal of politically intolerant Muslims in the Arab world to accept Israel’s right to exist as the only democracy in the Middle East. Referencing Arafat’s letter in 1993 during the Oslo Accords when Arafat agreed to renounce violence, he pointed out that despite Arafat’s lip service in the letter about recognizing Israel’s right to exist, the Palestinian charter to this day has never been amended. To the contrary, over 1,000 Israelis have been murdered and over 6,000 maimed for life as a result of Militant Islam. Pipes clearly defined the differences between Militant Islam and mainstream Muslims, the majority of Muslims today, by explaining that, “religion is not defined by ones’ politics,” and is not the real cause of the world’s current terrorism crisis. The conflict, he argued, stems mainly from political ideology. He attributed the worldwide situation today as beginning in 1979 when militant Muslims attacked the US embassy in Teheran and attacked two US installations in Pakistan. Later, there were the bombings of our embassies in Africa after numerous terror attacks on a smaller scale. From 1979 until September 10th, 2004 , over 800 Americans have been killed by militant Islamic terrorists. And up until that date, each attack was treated as a criminal act because the perpetrators were merely captured when possible, then prosecuted as in any normal crime. But 9/11 changed all that. After 9/11, the terrorist actions that were once treated as police actions became part of a war where there would no longer be standard trials as in criminal cases. This second phase was to go after the sponsors of terrorism as was done to the to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Airline security and immigration checks became the norm as the country geared up for war. Still, nobody dealt with the ideology behind the conflict that has now become the third phase of the War on Terror: making war on Militant Islam and the fascist philosophy behind it. Pipes pointed out that such a fascist philosophy was not only found in places like Afghanistan, but also at UC Berkeley where the ideas of Militant Islam were not being truthfully exposed to the student body. Pipes classified freedom of speech as being anathema to militant Muslims and that other ideas indicative of Militant Islam include misogyny, misanthropy, anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity, “jihadism,” suicidal thinking and a death cult, as well as a lack of economic freedom. During his main speech he discussed the earlier appeal of failed political ideas like Nazism, Marxism, Stalinism and Leninism and how they had all failed by the late 1980’s. “Fascism has held an enormous attraction in the twentieth century,” he said. “What we are seeing today is the ultimate failure of Militant Islam occurring,” as he pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood, t
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swhitebull    RE:The Pipes Speech - an Editorial from   2/16/2004 8:02:55 PM
Editorial: Time to Take a Stand Against Campus Terror By FrontPage Magazine | February 16, 2004 Leave it to Berkeley to provide the latest campus outrage by the Left. Last Tuesday night, nationally renowned Muslim scholar Daniel Pipes attempted to speak at the University. Pipes is a renowned scholar of the Middle East and a recent presidential appointee to the U.S. Institute of Peace -- a nomination that was strenuously opposed by supporters of Islamic radicalism and their allies. His speech at Berkeley addressed the most important topics of our time: terrorism, the liberation of Iraq, Islamic fundamentalism and the Middle Eastern conflict. Clearly, the speech was an invaluable educational opportunity for Berkeley’s students. Unfortunately, two student organizations with long records of campus thuggery and support for Islamic hate attempted to prevent other students from hearing what Pipes had to say. The Muslim Student Association, a Saudi-funded Wahhabi organization with a history of supporting terrorism both as an organization and through the individual actions of its officers, has often taken part in raucous campus protests. The same is true for the incendiary Students for Justice in Palestine. Today's lead feature describes their efforts to disrupt Pipes’ lecture, including picketing the event, shouting down the speaker, interrupting his speech and ultimately forcing the university police to eject them from the event. Through the statements that aroused their ire, the anti-Pipes' hecklers showed that they oppose rights for him, hate America and support suicide bombing. Their disruption was an attack not only on Dr. Pipes but on the university community. All across the country radical groups have used tactics that can only be described as fascistic to attack campus speakers and intimidate students from attending their lectures and hearing a different point of view. The Muslim Brown Shirts who disrupted the Pipes event have learned well from their leftist models, who have pioneered the attacks on campus speakers with heterodox opinions. It is only a small irony that this took place at UC-Berkeley, the academic home of the “Free Speech Movement,” which was not really about free speech but about letting the totalitarian parties of the Left agitate on campus. The Pipes event is an outrage that is only possible because the rest of us are silent and university administrators prefer to deal with it by post-hoc means. It is a disgrace that universities regularly have to deploy armed police to protect conservative speakers and the students who come to hear them on campuses that have been pretty thoroughly purged of conservative views. Campus authorities know who the anti-intellectual ruffians are. Both of the Islamo-fascist organizations that disrupted the Berkeley event -- the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine -- are officialy recognized student organizations funded by student fees. There is no excuse for funding organizations who are self-declared enemies of the free exchange of ideas. The University of California needs to suspend both offending groups and withdraw their funding. That would put the entire campus community on notice that the university intends to defend itself against these attacks on its academic mission. Students for Academic Freedom -- a national student organization with 123 chapters -- is today filing a formal complaint to acting chancellor John Cummins over this disgraceful event. We ask FrontPage Magazine readers to voice their concern over this incident, as well. Send e-mails to Vice Chancellor John Cummins and Dean Karen Kenney. -- The Editors. swhitebull - nuff said
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