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Subject: Are we going to lose Spain?
Final Historian    3/13/2004 2:16:24 PM
The elections in Spain are tomorrow, and the fate of US-Spanish cooperation will be determined by the election. Will the opposition Socialist party win in Spain? Already there are lots of protestors blaming Aznar and his Popular Party for the attack, saying that his support of the US led AQ to attack Spain. At the same time he is accused of withholding evidence. Will his rush to blame ETA be his party's undoing? Especially now that Islamic terrorists are almost certainly involved.
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Thomas2    RE:Are we going to lose Spain?   3/13/2004 3:25:49 PM
I don't think so, as a labour government will have to face a very real threat - not matter if they might think they could have avoided it. Besides - 8 million protestors (according to the Danish daily "Politiken") - seem to be severely aggrevated.
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Romani    Spain is going to self destruct!   3/13/2004 5:35:26 PM
It's even worse, the leftist mobs attacked Popular Party (right, in power) and called them "assasins" when Aznar supported the US in Irak. That hate inspired rethoric has redoubled in the past hours, mobs attacked the party offices in several cities , calling them "assasins, fascists and terrorists" Basically the argument is that they are to blame for the bombings, if Spain hadn't supported the US in the war against terror, we would be safe from attack. This is enraging, to see the only party that have fought to rid Spain of the scourge of ETA terrorists and has suffered for it, from Aznar himself that survived a car bomb to the last town councilor murdered for defending democracy in the Basque country, to be accused and identified with the terrorists. Calling the victims killers. I note that I haven't seen this level of violence and backlash ever inflicted against terrorist supporters. Of course, doing that you run risks, something that does not happen if you attack a defenseless party. The left in this country doesn't consider democracy valid if they are not in power. Anybody that disagrees with them is branded a "fascist" and denied democracy and freedom. The left has thrown away any pretense of abidding by the rules of democracy showing their naked greed for power at any price. Even if that means the destruction of Spain. QUOTE When will people wake up and realize that the Islamo-fascists have declared all-out war on western civilization? Not until the Vatican or Paris are bombed. This is horrible. The left in this country hasn't forgotten nothing and hasn't learned anything, allied with the separatists, this country is turning back in time to 1936. Unless the Popular Party wins the elections tomorrow by an absolute majority, and that's in doubt now, this country is going to disintegrate like Yugoslavia unless the King or the Army intervene.
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American Kafir    RE:Spain is going to self destruct!   3/13/2004 5:56:54 PM
I certainly hope Spain is stronger than this. If putting bombs on trains and killing 200 people is all it takes to make Spain doubt itself and cave in to the demands of terrorists, they might as well change their name to Al-Andalous and start paying the jizyah tax.
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TXAggie93    RE:Spain is going to self destruct!-Romani   3/13/2004 6:48:41 PM
Well I hope you are wrong because Spain is my favorite country outside the USA. These people that protest for peace live in a utopia world where the West is the root of all evil and we must be doing something wrong. The terrorist have no rules and can not be reasoned with. They just want us dead! Europe needs to wake up a smell the coffie and start working with us. That means cutting the PLO off and hunting down the money. Stop bitching about Gittmo.
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Final Historian    RE:Spain is going to self destruct!-Romani   3/13/2004 9:00:31 PM
"QUOTE When will people wake up and realize that the Islamo-fascists have declared all-out war on western civilization? Not until the Vatican or Paris are bombed." Interesting, as Debka, a source with dubious accuracy, but has been right in the past, says that the Vatican, or at least Italy, is next on the hit list.
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StymiestxBlitz    RE:Spain is going to self destruct!-Romani   3/13/2004 11:38:02 PM
Yes I was thinking the same American kafir. I certainly hope Spain is stronger than this. Giving into terrorism will only make the terrorists stronger and more violent. The globe must unite and do all we can to stop terrorism.
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American Kafir    Open letter to the Spanish people   3/14/2004 2:57:04 AM
Dear Spain, I'm over here in the United States of America, and I keep hearing stories of how the March 11th, 2004 bombings in Madrid have caused a backlash against Aznar and the Popular Party by people who say Al Qaeda is punishing Spain for participating in the war in Iraq. Ask yourself the following questions: If Saddam Hussein's Baathist government and Al Qaeda had no working relationship with each other, why would Al Qaeda take revenge upon Spain? If the bombings were by the ETA terrorist group, would you turn and curse the Aznar administration for not granting Basque independence? If Spain recoils from fighting terrorism because of a ruthless train bombing and begins conceeding to the demands of terrorists, how many bombings will Spain accept until it decides to turn against terrorism again? There is a push by leftists currently seeking election to blame the current government of Spain for making the Spanish people targets of terrorism. Blame for this attack lies solely with those who carried it out. Please do not fail yourselves by listening to those who wish to change the course of your nation with terrorist bombs and leftist rhetoric. You are a greater nation than that.
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TriggaFingaz    Spain, stand up to AQ and the leftists   3/14/2004 5:52:32 AM
It would be a victory to AQ's malicious minions of cruel cabalists if Spain were to pull out of Iraq or stop supporting the War on AQ. AQ and the Islamists will name any excuse to attack infidel countries, regardless of their views on Iraq. They were just waiting to strike anyone who was vulnerable. The Islamists view any fight with a Muslim majority country as a personal insult to themselves. There's no reasoning with them. As for the leftists, it may be their own opinion but I still believe they serve the AQ's cause by blaming goverment policy for AQ attack. They are like the sort of illogical types who would blame a robbery victim for making the robber jealous. I know a former colleague who gloated at 9/11, saying that 'If the US had solved poverty this wouldn't have happened'. Unfortuantely we have people who think like that. We can't suppress what they say, after all there is freedom of speech but we sure as hell can argue back with them jus to show that SOMEONE is opposing their beliefs. The world has to stand up to the AQ bastards. It will cost us but they can't be allowed to kill for free.
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Romani    Worst case scenario: breakup of Spain   3/14/2004 6:12:50 AM
If the sotialists get into power, they will be unable to stop the seccessionist movements of the separatists in the Basque Country and Catalonia. If the elected government fails to defend the Constitution, then the last failsafe is the King in is capacity as Head of State, personal prestige (he saved the Spanish democracy from the military coup of 1981) and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Under the provisions of the Spanish Constitution , the armed forces have the mandate to obey and uphold the Constituion, that is founded on the indissoluble unity of Spain. If the King fails to uphold it, then it's up to the armed forces to act on their own initiative, wich is a very dangerous development. If nobody acts, then Spain might survive the territorial amputations, but that would doom millions of Spaniards in the Basque country to exile or live under a terrorist totalitarian regime once ETA takes power from the Basque moderate separatists, those that have used terrorism for political gains, as their leader said in reference to ETA "some shake the tree, and others pick up the nuts". This is not about resorting to the army to keep a party in power, it's about saving democracy. The same choice Lincoln faced when it had to resort to the army to maintain the Union in the face of the seccession of the Southern states. I believe and hope this potentially catastrophic crisis doesn't degenerate into civil war like in Yugoslavia. The inmense majority of people are soft, weak willed and more concerned about their material security than in fighting for or against any political regime. Since conscription was abolished, and there are no guns around, like it happened in Yugoslavia, that precludes the formation of militias. If the Left had any real spine, they would be manning the barricades by now and starting a revolution. It's very easy to attack people that cannot hit back, but nobody in the Basque country would dare to mob the terrorists supporters because they fear them, they are very few, but they intimidate the majority of society there. Those that don't look the other way have either to flee or face death. The armed forces, being professionals, don't run the risk of splitting like with a conscript army. The rank and file being badly paid, understrength, demoralized and apathetic (save for some units) will go along with the flow. They are unlikely to act on their own iniative if they don't receive orders. About the police forces, the Guardia Civil, being a militarized police, it's the only force with enough cohesion and morale to act. For better or for worse it's also very disciplined so they are as likely as bow to authority as to act on their own. Only slim possibility that the elected government acts to stop seccession is that the European Union aren't going to recognize any breakaway republics. So in the worst case scenario, we have lot of political turmoil, a relatively bloodless breakup of Spain, and utter economic chaos. Most likely the Basque and Catalan seccession will collapse on their own. Life would go on on whatever is left of Spain, but it would be the end of democracy and liberty (wich is a sham already there ) in the Basque country, and possibly in Catalonia as well. I'm not afraid of a civil war, I'm afraid of losing my job when the economy goes down the drain as a consequence of all this. I truly hope cooler heads prevail. But the risk is there. It happened before, and History has the nasty habit of repeating itself.
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StymiestxBlitz    RE:Worst case scenario: breakup of Spain   3/14/2004 10:18:21 AM
I doubt it would ever come to that Romani. I am sure if it would other states would intervene.
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