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Subject: Madrid terrorist attacks come precisely 911 days after 9/11 New York terrorist attacks
Roman    3/13/2004 10:20:22 PM
I read the above piece of info somewhere on the net and wondered whether it is true. So I went through my calendar, and lo and behold - it is true! The Madrid terrorist attacks came precisely 911 days after the New York 9/11 terrorist attacks. While this is not conclusive proof, it is further evidence that Islamofashists conducted these attacks rather than ETA. The reason why ETA is being blamed by the Spanish government is that there is an election coming in a few days and if it were obvious that it was an Islamic terrorist group that carried out the attacks, their Iraq policy would be blamed and they would likely loose the election. Adding up all the publicly available information, I am now convinced it was the Islamofashists that caused this despicable carnage and I am sure it will come to light after the election.
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