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Subject: Don't be surprised...! Cause' this doesn't look good!
Panther    3/14/2004 3:24:22 PM
Spain, trusting current reports... is about to pull out of the coalition in iraq! with a big socialist win being reported in their elections. Well... my american compadres' don't be surprised, when the spanish fury is systematically turned against us by the state. Why! Because we (supposively) LIED, and we're (Supposively) EVIL, and we're ultimately responsible for everything under the sun! To sum it up... They were tried & they proved weak! When EVIL showed it's head in madrid about 4 days ago, GOOD was taking a holiday! Farewell Spain, A very beautiful place, that's about to turn very ugly in a very short time! MY GOD, i hope i'm wrong about all of this!
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Romani    RE:Don't be surprised...! Cause' this doesn't look good!   3/14/2004 3:55:07 PM
Speaking as an Spaniard that is a friend of the US, I'm sorry for letting you down. The Sotialists have come to power stepping on the corpses of the victims. They will have to deal with the consequences of future terrorist attacks be they ETA or Al Qaeda.
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TXAggie93    RE:Don't be surprised...! Cause' this doesn't look good!   3/14/2004 4:51:16 PM
Panther I am afraid that you are right. I thought the Spanish had more backbone than this but it looks like they want to blame everyone but the terrorist. Que Lastima!!!!!
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Panther    RE:Don't be surprised...! Cause' this doesn't look good!   3/14/2004 5:07:00 PM
Thank you Romani, maybe i should emphasis that those who had proved weak, were the ones who took advantage of this tragedy to further their own aims. IMHO - I think the swing voters were the crucial elements for the spanish elections. That's where the socialist aimed their propaganda at "It's the U.S. government's fault for making us targets". I know we are all target's (I mean civilians) in this war on terror, even before 9-11 for us americans! Whether any particualr nation is involved or not! Just because the rest of the world wasn't targeted that black day, doesn't mean other nations civilians won't be target's of tomorrow! I could be killed by a bomb tomorrow or ran over by a bus, or even have a heart attack. But the point is i will not submit on a personal level to terrorists nor the violence that they bring to the civilized world! Best of luck to you, and stay as safe as possible! Regards, Panther
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Panther    RE:Don't be surprised...! Cause' this doesn't look good!   3/14/2004 5:19:54 PM
TXAggie93, Thanks for responding. Everybody is afraid of the unknown. But, by giving in to the socialists propaganda of "Blame America"; has only made spain less secure with the ETA right in they're very yard. The future looks frightfully unstable for our spanish allies! I'm willing to go out on a limb and bet many of the spanish swing voters will be kicking themseleves in the rear end pretty soon, for giving in to the terrorists demand. I fear spain has only made itself more of a target, not less!
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Ashley-the-man    RE:Don't be surprised...! Cause' this doesn't look good!   3/14/2004 6:29:23 PM
al Qaeda wins! al Qaeda wins! Sorry, it looks pretty discusting written that way, but that is the truth. I'm afraid that if Kerry wins the chant may have to be repeated.
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celebrim    RE:Don't be surprised...! Cause' this doesn't look good!   3/14/2004 6:37:13 PM
Sigh. Yes, it does look very bad. An Al Queda attack timed to influence the Spainish elections that helps elect a soft on terror candidate. Someone in Al Queda is going to get promoted for this one. Spain is attacked, and Spain surrenders. I thought that two hands in the air gesture the crowds were doing had a certain French air to it. Do the dead children mean nothing to the Spainards? By way of comparison, the soft on terror crowd in the US is busy spinning conspiracy theories that if the US is attacked it will be a Bush plot to get reelected. Not in the face of adversity will the US wither. But lest you think I'm being hard on our Spainish friends, let me be clear. The US is about to fail in its test as well. Score two for the enemies of civilization. The US can't be defeated under duress, but leave it alone and its sure to rot from within. Oh well. Spain has endured the hand of the Moor before, and found the resolve to liberate itself. Maybe after a few years of instruction the shine will wear off the myth of Islamic tolerence. How long under the loving yoke of a Socialist Caliphate before the Spainish people begin to chaff do you think? The other question is what is the best tactic for Al Queda in this situation? Leave them be knowing that they will collapse with the slightest push after their more stubborn foes have fallen, or keep the pressure on to force further capitulation?
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Panther    Celebrim   3/14/2004 6:54:07 PM
"The other question is what is the best tactic for Al Queda in this situation? Leave them be knowing that they will collapse with the slightest push after their more stubborn foes have fallen, or keep the pressure on to force further capitulation" I have a feeling The Basque separatists are going to be trying harder to kick this ball into the goal post! Al Queda's got what it wanted! Buckle up lads! This is going to be a brutal year!
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wildcat    RE:Celebrim   3/14/2004 7:49:16 PM
Gotta be careful how hard you push. There's an old saying where I'm from "Don't kick a dying dog."
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Roman    Spain is not lost!   3/14/2004 7:54:58 PM
The new government may withdraw from Iraq, the war with which the vast majority of the Spanish population did not support anyway, but it is not lost to the antiterrorist fight. Look at some of the statements by the newly elected government. They are all in the line of: "The priority of Spain must be the fight against terrorism."
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wildcat    RE:Spain is not lost!   3/14/2004 8:52:12 PM
There's really not much else they could say under the present circumstances. Further, I would probably take them at their word on that. I'm sure that the Spanish intelligence agencies will continue to cooperate the US and their EU counterparts. However, whether everyone in the West wants to admit this or not, we are in a war. It was declared on us and our enemy will NEVER stop. They can't be pacified or negotiated with, only defeated. There will be pauses but the war will not stop. If we try to fight this war with only police and intelligence gathering, we are essentially fighting a war always on the strategic defensive. You can not win wars being only on the strategic defensive. You must apply constant pressure against you're enemy. Using everything at your disposal: Air/missile strikes, large scale military actions, intelligence/spec ops, tracking/freezing assets, shutting down charities who launder money for the organizations, fighting for the hearts & minds of future generations, etc. If our only strategy is to use police to investigate after an attack and use our intelligence gathering to try to prevent attacks, I feel that many innocent civilians will lose their lives. Many more lives unless we go after Al-Quaeda and company directly and now. This is not going to be clean. This is not going to be easy. This is not going be quick but it must be done because the price of waiting will be much more costly. A country that allows it's foriegn policy be effectively controlled by terrorist can not be a country of power. However, celebrim is correct we(US)have our test coming soon. The election of Kerry for President, I fear, will have the effect of fighting this war on the basis of police, intelligence gathering and international consensus.
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