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Subject: Spain the Real Loss
Vulture    3/15/2004 2:31:44 PM
After hearing the annoumcements of the incoming socialist goverment of Spain, there is no longer any doubt. The US has lost an ally in the War on Terorism. Spains minor contribution of 1300 troops in Iraq is an insignificant loss. Unlike the Polish troops which have good local realtions with the Iraqis, the spanish were just taking up space. Spain's status as a member of the Coalition of the Willing had some impact for a europeaen nation willing to stand against Terrorism. This was noticed in the UN and by other goverments. But it is not irreplaceable. The real loss is the loss of the Spanish Navy and their interdiction efforts in the Mediterranean. Ships carrying North Korean arms have been intercepted in the recent past by the Spanish Navy. They have given valuable INTEL on shipping traffic to the US. They have even searched for Al Qaeda transiting aboard merchant vessels going thru the Strait of Gibraltar. Make no doubt , US Seventh Fleet right now is scrambling for an OPs plan to make up for the near future loss of Spain's greatest contribution to the Coalition. The Spanish Navy , with it long history and global spanning record now forced back into the shadows by one terrorist act. /Somebody really should get Archimedes Lever back from AL Qaeda.
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TriggaFingaz    Spain the Real Loss   3/15/2004 3:47:00 PM
The victory of the Socialist Party over the People’s Party, with its vow to remove Spanish troops from Iraq spells peril for terror free elections in Europe, doesn’t it? Just before the Spanish elections, what is starting to look like an AQ instigated atrocity murders 200 over commuters. Instead of blaming the perpetrators for being evil, sections of the electorate prefer to blame the Aznar administration for backing the Iraq war or even confronting the Islamists who use Spain as a base. Of course AQ is relying on the ‘blame thyself’ logic that the Left always uses to absolve the enemy. AQ wants to divide the Western allied arranged against it by butchering the innocent, in the hope that their populations will blame their leaders for ‘inciting’ the terrorists for daring to stand up to their plans! A protester against Aznar proclaimed that France and Germany have nothing to fear becoz they were against the Iraq campaign. How foolish and naive. Sooner of later one of AQ’s local cells in Paris or Berlin are going to commit a foul act in a crowded place. They would justify a French massacre with any of these excuses: the head scarf ban, backing the Algerian regime against the GIA/GPSC to even Charlemagne’s victory over Islamic invaders in the 8th century. If they created great evil in Germany, the excuse will be that they stopped a terror cell from blasting the Christmas market in Strasbourg or daring to contribute troops to ISAF in Afghanistan. AQ’s masters will find ANY excuse to murder thousands. Not becoz of any particular policy, but simply becoz the very EXISTENCE of ‘infidels’ is offensive to their beliefs. They don’t give a damn about Iraq- their affiliate’s willingness to massacre the Kerbala pilgrims is proof enough. Only hope is that we don’t play into the Enemy’s hands by blaming our leaders for standing up to those bastards. Also, we must not do the enemy’s work by treating local Muslim communities with suspicion or fear because of what the cancer in their world does. The enemy abhors the idea of non-Muslims and Muslims living together, so the way we all can stick our middle fingers to AQ if both sides of the community live and let live. If AQ and other terror monsters can influence elections by mass murder, in 10 years time they’d be killing to get free shopping vouchers.
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