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Subject: Europe vs Terrorism - House of Cards ?
zbig    3/15/2004 4:26:42 PM
Despite pledges from European leaders to stand up to terror, note the following quote in relation to the Socialist victory in Spain: The head of the EU executive arm, European Commission chief Romano Prodi, agreed, in an interview published by Italy's La Stampa newspaper Monday. "It is clear that using force is not the answer to resolving the conflict with terrorists," Prodi said. "Terrorism is infinitely more powerful than a year ago," and all of Europe now feels threatened, he told the paper That sounds very much like a concession speech if there ever was one. It's as if these people have forgotten 75 years of history and that some how if they put their head in the sand it will all be OK. What did they learn from Chamberlain at Munich, 5 Years talk talk talk as concentration camps went up and bombs fell in Bosnia, the shot in the arm AQ got when Clinton ran in Mogudishu, Turkey - Muslim and neutral country being bombed last month, etc. etc. The quote about terrorist being infinitely more powerful than a year ago has to have AQ and their supporters dancing on tables. Is this really the type of leadership people in Europe want? The events in Madrid and the reaction by European leaders, could very well prove to be one of those turning points that history looks back on and we ask "what were they thinking?" There is an old adage that goes "Who must do the hard things? Answer: Those who can." I suspect in the next 6 months we will find out just how rare that quality is.
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