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Subject: Spain is now Gyro-Stabilized
SGTObvious    3/15/2004 7:00:01 PM
The Angular Momentum is due to Rodrigo Diaz, El Cid, spinning in his tomb in Burgos.
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Thomas    RE:Spain is now Gyro-Stabilized   3/16/2004 3:33:41 AM
I think it is more "shake, rattle and roll" - that old armour does make noise being rotated. One thing You got to realise about Spain is there has always been a strong communist element in the country - that's why they had the civil war - it has been suppressed and no-one will volunteer a communist oppinion, but the misconceptions are still there.
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densoflex    RE:Spain is now Gyro-Stabilized   3/16/2004 3:49:11 AM
Thomas, true there is a traditional communist component in Spain, but I'd think that the public's indeniable anti-americanism is more rooted in the old American-Franquist connection as well as in the traditional support of Spain of South American countries against their northern gringo Yankee (or Yanqui) neighbour.
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Thomas    RE:Spain is now Gyro-Stabilized   3/16/2004 8:13:18 AM
Densoflex: Good points.
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