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Subject: Jihadist Perspective on Spain
KoSo    3/16/2004 12:47:51 PM
Not sure if anyone else has already posted a link to this article; if so, my apologies for the oversight. i just found this and thought it interesting and disturbing...
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Elbandeedo    RE:Jihadist Perspective on Spain   3/16/2004 1:03:24 PM
Yup. The Spanish government will now have caused a torrent of murder to be unleashed on the world. the once-demoralized terrorists and their sympathizers will now see they have "won" and that will stiffen their resolve. Pray the Spanish people come to their senses and oust these communists ASAP. "Bin Laden Raises The Stakes With Political Win In Spain Mar 16, 2004 By Bruce Kennedy, JUS For the first time in modern history, Muslims have positively affected the politic direction of a European country in a historic step towards reducing global violence that continues to escalate as the result of the “war on terror”. While it may be an unpopular, there is no denying that Osama bin Laden and his AQ network was the instrument of change that has permanently altered the political landscape. Having defeated an ally of President Bush, Spain's newly elected Prime Minister announced yesterday that he will pull troops from the occupation coalition in Iraq, which he described as a "disaster" for the country and its people. "The war has been a disaster, the occupation continues to be a great disaster," Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said. "It hasn't generated anything but more violence and hate." Zapatero’s sensibilities on the matter is what swung him into power on Sunday and defeated the party of resigning Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, a robust ally of Bush on the war. Polls before the vote showed Aznar's party leading, but the Al-Qaida bombing of four trains appears to be the sole factor that forced Aznar’s party out. While Aznar tried desperately to keep the publics eyes of Al-Qaida and on ETC whom they were quick to blame in the run up to the election, the Spanish public, a public greatly opposed to the war, didn’t buy it. As evidence mounted that Al-Qaida was responsible, so did Spain’s opposition to any further involvement in Iraq and they took their opposition to the polls where it counted, showing that people can influence the direction of their governments, at least in some instances. The evidence pointing to Al-Qaida was undeniable almost from the beginning, with the first with the claim of responsibility from the Lions of Al-Mufridoon, an suspected Al-Qaida cell made up of mostly Moroccans, which JUS just hours after the attack. To add insult to injury, the tape they left in the van that was discovered early on contained a track of Osama bin Laden warning those who supported the America war party. It went unreported at the time. The second claim by Abu Hafs Al-Masri Brigades followed and then finally a video tape with yet another statement arrived just as voters went to the polls, showing that Al-Qaida’s intent was that which it realized – to dissolve support for George Bush and have Spain’s troops leave occupied Iraq. Analysts say they are now worried that Al-Qaida altered an election with violence. Indeed they have but this surely is not an anomaly. America and many other countries resort to violence as routine business; in many instances with through covert assignation of political figures, “accidents” that alter ballots, sanctions that cause civilians to suffer and rise up against their leadership or by providing support of money and weapons to opposition groups to swing the balance of power, as the US is currently doing in Iran. The difference is, this violence goes for the most part goes unnoticed. It is hidden from the camera and is not privy to 24/7 media coverage. One thing is for sure, mass media coverage in this instance worked against Western interests and Al-Qaida play it like a fiddle to deliver a stinging blow to George Bush and his war mongers. Considering the outcome, we are guaranteed to see more of Al-Qaida affecting the political stage in the future. (JUS)"
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Elbandeedo    RE:Jihadist Perspective on Spain - the danger in November   3/16/2004 1:10:31 PM
With the attitude that they "won" I recon November will be a good time to be extraordinarily careful. E.
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tank    RE:Jihadist Perspective on Spain   3/16/2004 1:15:39 PM
The future is just flat-out scary.IT is amazing how quick weak and scared civilians can change there mind without regard to what what they have just done.
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